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Where to go in February?

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I ski west about 15 days a year, and I have gone to many places.
This year, I get to decide where to ski AT NO COST TO ME.

When I pay I go to Tahoe, Utah, Montana, Banff, or Steamboat. Mainly because I have friends near the areas and/or they have cheap accomidations nearby.

So, on someone elses bill I thought I might try something new. My thoughts would be Jackson Hole, Toas, Aspen, Telluride or ?????

This will be from the 4th to 8th of February. The budget is not big enough for HeliSkiing, but it does not need to be a discount trip.

What do you think? I like big mountain skiing, and powder/trees are my favorite. Anything I haven't thought of? What is the best?

Need to buy tickets this week!!
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What a delicious dilemma.
Suggestions for free trip paid by someone with a fat wallet/purse: you didn't mention Aspen, Vail, Deer Valley, Sun Valley in your list of conquests. Sounds like the perfect chance to check out one of those pricey destinations. Don't believe you could lose at any of them, although Deer Valley and environs might have the best snow at this time. Also, maybe this is the year to stay slope side at Squaw Valley with all the snow they've been getting?
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Vail is amazing! Stay in town and walk to the lifts. It has it all. You can ski there for 2 weeks and still have new things to try.
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Great suggetsions!

Lech I did for 10 days 2 years ago. I will want 10 days again when I go back.

I forgot all about Silverton. Perfect choice!

The others are strong also. As it stands now, I think I will be in Colorado. Vail, Aspen or Silverton? This I will figure out.

The person I am going with is an advance skier, but not way into Extreme or Moguls. He will ski almost anything, he just took too much time off over the last few years.

Is silverton for Extreme only? Or can an advance skier handle it?

Thanks for the tips
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Originally Posted by skion

What do you think? I like big mountain skiing, and powder/trees are my favorite. Anything I haven't thought of? What is the best?

Need to buy tickets this week!!
Have you looked into skiing the Alberta Rockies. I have met so many US residents that come here and all rave about our skiing and the minimal cost compared to US skiing.

yes our dollar is higher now but a Day lift ticket is only $50- $60 MAX !! and the prices are low for accomadation, rentals, cars, food, etc compared to major US resorts.

One texan told me he now does three weeks here to his one week in the Western US. He also said that he has been comming solely to Canada for the last 5 years because of it and wouldn't change it due to the smaller crowds, more runs perday etc..

Fly into Edmonton and rent a car. 3.5 hour drive to Jasper for Marmot Basin.

Fly into Calgary and rent a car. 1.5 hour scenic drive into Banff from Calgary.

Panorama is another 2 hours to Radium from Banff (well worth the visit)

Fernie is I think another 2 - 3 hours from Radium

followed by the Big White, Silver Star, interior BC hills

Finaly Whistler is on the outside of the mountains nearing the coast.

to Drive from Edmonton into interior BC (Okanagon) and onto Vancouver would be about 11 hours to interior BC and another 6-8 to Vancouver from there.

if you had the ability and don't mind driving. Fly into Edmonton, drive to Jasper for a couple of days at Marmot Basin, drive the awesome parkway to Banff for at least two days at each resort, then onto Panorama for 2-3 days, onto Fernie, Silver Star, Big White and end in Whisler and fly out of Vancouver.

That is my dream trip.

I would wing it. book the flight in and out, book the car from start to finish date ending in Vancouver and go where your skis and the snow reports take you.

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Originally Posted by skion
Is silverton for Extreme only? Or can an advance skier handle it?
Depends. I love the place, but you better know what you're getting into. You have a guide, you carry a probe/beacon/shovel, and you're only going to ski about 4 or 5 runs in a day. Lots of terrain you have to hike to, and that may involve climbing 400 - 500 vertical feet at over 12,000' altitude. In other words, you're probably going to be breathing hard.

Think of the hardest run you've ever skied with lots of deep snow - that's what it will be all day. The San Juans are getting pounded right now and if that keeps up the conditions will be outrageous.

Sorry if it sounds rough, but I've seen tons of people go there and drop out after the first run. Kind of a bummer after you've paid lots of $$$ for it. You probably don't want to spend many days there, in fact, I'd recommend just one. Spend the others at Durango Mtn Resort (aka Purgatory) and To-Hell-U-Ride.
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As mentioned there are tons of great places. But your only going for four days, so I would think Lech is out. Find a place easy to get too, both Jackson and Aspen have direct flights from Mn.
The US Comedy Festival is in Aspen 2/3-2/8, its a great time! Tons of good entertainment and the slopes are pretty much empty.

Aspen has the best/most expert terrain in Colorado.
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With only 4 days' I'd probably focus on someplace with consistent access. Jackson, Telluride, etc. tend to have airport closure & air traffic issues when it is snow time - so you can easily end up spending an extra half day (or more) in an airport or on a bus instead of skiing. Out of a week long trip, that's not too bad. Out of 4 days it could hurt. In contrast SLC airport is easy to get to from anywhere and for all practical putposes never shuts down.

That said, given your parameters - big mountain, powder, trees, & price insensitive - you'd probably be in paradise staying slopeside (4 Seasons or Snake River Lodge) at Jackson Hole. Maybe with a one day side trip to Targhee.

Now, if you happen to be really lucky, your flight out of Jackson will get nuked for a couple days on the right end of your trip ---- like on New Year's eve when it was dumping like crazy --- and you'd be tragically forced to check back into your hotel and ski powder for a couple of extra days until you could actually fly out
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Edmonton to Jasper, non-stop, averaging 110 km, took me 4 hr 21 minutes.
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Go to Silverton. No other option. Amazing snow, and it's colorado champagne powder, not sierra cement. Great lines to ski. Only 80 people allowed on the mountain a day, so nothing gets tracked out. Well worth the trip and the money you pay to ski there.
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Edmonton to Jasper, non-stop, averaging 110 km, took me 4 hr 21 minutes.
something wrong there. It is 375 KM Edmonton to Jasper. I have been doing the midnight run there for 15+ years. Leave Edmonton at 4:00 am and we are at the Marmot Basin 4th level parking lot at 8:00 am unless bad weather is encountered. This includes my buddies two pee breaks and a McDonalds breakfast stop in Hinton at 6:45 - 7:00 Am.

No we don't drive like idiots in case anyone was wondering, sure we may hit 120 KM on dry bright nights BEFORE Hinton, after Hinton you would have to be nuts.

None the less it is a 3.5 to 4.5 hour drive depending on weather and trucks on the road. Get stuck behind a Westcan truck and your hooped.

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Edmonton to Jasper

3 1/2 to 4 hours seems right by me, although I have been known to drive slightly above 110 km/hr. On the other hand, I think that road is at least a four comfort break distance. I'll be driving the circuit next weekend when my meetings in Edmonton finish on Friday, it will be time to head west to Jasper. Monday morning I'm going to try to be on the road by 6:00 am so I can put in a couple of hours at Sunshine when it opens before heading back to Calgary for my late afternoon meetings there.

For folks flying in, it would seem to make more sense to fly in to Calgary if you were doing the National Parks resorts. Making Banff/Lake Louise your base would put you within reach of Marmot as either a long daytrip or an easy overnight trip since the Icefields Parkway is about 21/2 hours if conditions are reasonable. Of course the IP is also subject to closure and white knuckle driving conditions, but that also applies to both the Trans Canada and the Yellowhead highways.
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Based on what type of skier you state you are, I'd say Jackson Hole would be perfect. I live to ride in the steep trees myself and there's no place better than JH. I'll actually be there Feb 5-9 with the wife and kids.

If I had a huge budget, I'd fly in 1st class, stay at the Four Seasons at base of the hill and then hire a guide for a couple days to take you into the backcountry. I think the guide is $550 for the day but you can take 5 people. I'm going to look into it next season myself if I can get my cheap A$$ friends to go for it!!!
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Let me qualify that: it's 4 hr 21 min from my driveway to the Marmot Basin parking lot.
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It is Silverton, Jackson, or Aspen.

That is the order. It will be decided at lunch tomorrow.

Also thanks to the Canadian ideas. My wife and I do the Sunshine/Louise/Marmot thing every couple of years. Love it there and have also gone out to Kicking Horse a couple of times. For some reason Marmot and KH are our favorites, but we have not yet tried the areas south and west (except Whistler) and I think it would be a fun trip.

Not this time though, someone else is paying.

Thanks again to all!
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Let me qualify that: it's 4 hr 21 min from my driveway to the Marmot Basin parking lot.
location, location, location. LOL

I live in the west end so it takes literally minutes for me to be out of the city and on our way.

This is the time we call our buddies fast asleep at 4:00 and give them the BUHA HA HA we are going to Marmot SUCKER !! Gonna be sweet!! too bad you couldn't make it call. we have been known to call them at their office and accidentally put the phone on speaker and do a run.

Is that bad ?

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For folks flying in, it would seem to make more sense to fly in to Calgary if you were doing the National Parks resorts. QUOTE]

Now wait a minute, what does this do for the Edmonton economy? Once again getting shafted by Calgary. And this is why all my tree's point south.

Cause Calgary sucks !

just kidding, you are right, basing in Canmore/Banff is the most effective way to do it but is causes you to have to drive the Banff Jasper highway twice (not that there is anything wrong with that) but sometimes on a short holiday efficiency and not backtracking are key. But I wouldn't stay in Calgary get yourself the heck out of that town as fast as possible your liable to get cow poop on your boots.

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Originally Posted by skion
Also thanks to the Canadian ideas.
Thanks again to all!
No problem EH! now go have a Ice Cold Canadian.

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I think Mammoth is worth checking out if you haven't been there already, although you're going to have to drive a ways to get there. Since cost is no object, you might want to check out the Village at Mammoth for lodging.
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Mark, sounds like you have a few issues with the folks in Calgary. Sounds like I made the right decision to fly into Edm. Can't wait to visit so I can thoroughly abuse my "no way eh" imression from Strange Brew. Does it look like your gonna be in the area Feb. 10-14?
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Originally Posted by sb boy
Does it look like your gonna be in the area Feb. 10-14?
I am going to be so far away it isn't even funny. I will be enjoying the sands and surf of Daytona Beach that week. I'm gonna spend some time one planking it on a surf board. thought perhaps I would trade my skis in for a surfboard on my birthday this year.

but the good new for you I always got powder on my B-day at Marmot almost 10 years running. Enjoy it.

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It is done.

I gave the list to my buddy and he chose ski in/ski out at Vail.

Time to wax the skis.
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