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Fischer Big Stix 7.6

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I just demoed the Fischer Big Stix 7.6 today. I really liked that ski for an east coast mid fat for trees and other shenanigans. I was wondering if there is any significant difference betwwn the 2004 7.6 FX and the 2005 Big Stix 7.6. If anyone knows I would appreciate soem help because there is a sweet deal right now on them at sierratradingpost.com Thanks in advance.

BTW, I can post full write ups of the 7.6 and others if people are interested.
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Just a paint job, pick up on that deal It is to good to pass up
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Thaks for the info. I just palced my order. Now all I need are some bindings. --Tim
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How bout that review? Make sure to include terrain, ski length, and your weight.
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The 2005 7.6 has a "more fluid, consistent flex and is 21% lighter than its 03.04 predecessor".

Some magazines (I think Ski was one) did not get it right in their early season gear reviews. I have a new pair of the 40.05s that I will try to review within the next week.
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You must have bought the last pair - at least I can't find them on that website.
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They're showing as "unavailable" but keep an eye on the site. they have new stuff come in all the time
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'03-'04 Big Stix 7.6 in 175cm

Level 8 skier, 160 lbs, 5'10", 44yo male, prefer powder/steeps/trees, and groomers for skill work. Mounted as per mfr recommendation fore/aft, with Look P12 Ti binders.

This is an excellent, powerful, snappy and responsive ski. Skied 4 days at Big Sky on mostly hardpack with some softer groomed snow. Holds an edge in hard snow without complaint, powerful rebound, initiates turns easily, not bothered by speed (approx 35-40). Maintains composure in shifting conditions.

Will post more when I've had it in pow and crud.

so far, EXCELLENT!
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