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THANKS TomB/HeluvaSkier(GREG)

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Just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to TomB and Greg for their insights regarding the Elan HCX. After visiting the Toronto Ski Show last night, and speaking to the Elan rep, and re-confirming all the good things that Tom and Greg had to say, I purchased a pair last night.

So, thanks Tom and Greg. I really appreciate it. I also want to thank others like Alaska Mike, Bob Peters, Epic and Bob Barnes for their insights.
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Thanks for the recognition! Those are hot boards you got. I hope you have fun on them. I wouldnt trade mine for anything. Have a great season.
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Thanks Greg..PM sent
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Congratulations on your new purchase JT. What size ski did you buy finally?

I was at the Toronto Ski show yesterday as well. There were some amazing deals there. I had a difficult time staying away from all the nice skis upstairs. There were many "demo" skis that did not have a scratch on them! But I still want the HCX, so I managed to walk away from all the deals. Well, not really. I bought a new ski suit. Did I need a new ski suit? My wife thought so, and I was not going to argue. [img]smile.gif[/img]

JT, did you notice that the Snowbird booth had the 2004 EpicSki Academy brochures on display? The lady was not too familiar with the Academy brochure, so I told her a little bit about it. I am still not 100% committed to come to the Academy, but it is going to be hard to stay away from it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new skis!
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I'm glad you found some skis you like. You will have an absolute blast on short slaloms- they make small hills fun again. I wish I could find an Elan retailer near me to try those boards for myself.

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Thanks guys. Picked up the HCXs on Sat. Too bad there is no snow (yet). I got them from a local shop (Kenmark), 162cm, with Marker 1200 Ti bindings. Agonized over 154/162 but went with 162 after conversing with 2 Elan reps. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake, but its not the last ski I'll ever buy. Never thought I'd buy an "Elan" ski, but am impressed with the value, and all the wonderful things that people have to say. Can't wait..
Thanks everyone!
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