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Loon Mountain accomodations

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Have PSIA-E Level II Teaching Seminar at Loon Mar 7 and 8. Need inexpensive accomodations for ONE (single occupancy) on 6th and 7th. Any suggestions?
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cheap what's cheap?


The only really cheap place I knew of is now closed. The owner died last summer. You could try; The beacon resort (not really a resort), the kancamagus motor lodge, or the days inn. I'll ask around. I coach a few of the local's kids. one of them owns the beacon.

You have some time left to book before the exam,

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Thanks, Jim. It's just a teaching seminar, not an exam, but I still need it. Keep in touch, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to get the lodging lined up so I don't show up and have to either sleep in my car or pay through the nose for fancy lodgings I don't need.
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oboe, click on the "lodging" button onthis site http://www.lincolnwoodstock.com/
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Thanks for doing my homework for me, David7! That's perfect!
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My pleasure. I attended a 2-day PSIA-E event at Loon a couple years ago and to save a few bucks I drove back and forth. It's about 75 miles from Manchester to Loon, all on I-93, so not impossible. You probably wouldn't want to do that from Essex Junction.

Enjoy Loon. If you haven't been there before, it's a great location for clinics. And, although no Mount Mansfield, it's a pretty good hill.
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If it has snow when I'm there, it's a pretty good hill!

and . . . no, I'll pass on the daily commute from Essex Junction. To save my client money once, I commuted in the middle of the winter in horrid conditions about 100 miles each way during a two week trial - NEVER AGAIN!
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