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Things I have learned from my students...

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There's an old joke in ski instruction that goes something like this,
Q:"How many ski instructors does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
A: "Just one, (s)he holds the bulb and the world revolves around him (her)."

I will agree, that as a whole most of us have a pretty high opinion of ourselves (sometimes to a fault). Just look at some of the posts in this forum. So I was sitting around here thinking, "what have I learned from my students in all my years of teaching?" Basically I have learned that people will part with their hard earned money for the "privilege" of skiing with somebody "better" than them for a few hours. I have seen peoples lives change in 2 hours. Many of them love this sport as much as all of us and strive to get better. To me this is really cool. Especially when folks have to work hard to "get it". Anyway, I made a quick list of things I have learned from my students. Here it is.

Things I have learned from my students.
1). Shut up and ski more.
2). Never judge a skier by their parka.
3). They ski much better if they don't have 2 left (or right) boots on.
4). Always make a "warm up" run.
5). If they say they are "getting a little tired", they are worn out.
6). Women underestimate their ability and men overestimate theirs.
7). How well your are doing is directly proportional to the size of the smile on their faces.
8). If you earn their trust, you can get them to do almost anything.
9). If you loose their trust, it's almost impossible to get back.
10). (It's cliche', but) they won't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Anybody else?
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1. Never underestimate the ability of an individual to learn no matter what their "disability" is.

2. Keep your eyes open, you might learn something from your student. :

3. There is always another way to teach something.

4. The simplest way is probably the best way.

5. Always be sincere. Once you can fake that you can get away with anything. :
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In a short time, my students have taught me that:

1. tall people on average have more difficulty as beginners than short people
2. I am not the only person whose anatomy prevents them from making a wedge
3. some people can wedge and still be riding the outside edges
4. most instructors aren't having as much fun as I am
5. not all little kids want you to constantly try to make small talk and draw information about their lives out of them
6. you should tell the other students in your group to wait while you help a fallen student, otherwise you might lose some of them (found her in a ditch about 20 yards down)
7. most parents make lousy instructors
8. you never know what to expect from a 4 to 6 year old

In fact, I might be learning more than they are.
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1)I learned how to be pleasant and smile with a raging hangover ("um, excuse me for a second, class. I have to go puke.")
2)I learned that the less you talk, the more people will learn (follows the "shut up and ski" philosophy)

3)I learned that I love to teach people to ski (I started teaching skiing because I couldn't afford lift tickets).
3a) I learned that I do have my linits, and it is possible for people to be insensitive and arrogant enough to drive me away from something I love (namely SS Mgt)

4) I can enjoy making laps on a 300 yard long beginner run if the person I'm skiing with has a big smile on their face

5) And finally, I have learned that for some people, it truly is just hopeless, and that recommending another sport (billiards?) might be the best solution
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