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Replacing K2 Mod 7/8 - questions.

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I know this question has been asked many many times before and I also searched and read up alots of threads regarding similar questions but would like to have some input.

I'm a 5-6" 165-170lbs, high intermediate (low advanced) and ski in the Sierra/Lake Tahoe area about 10-15 days/year. The last time I took lesson (1 1/2 year ago), the instructor said I was somewhere between level 7/8. I like to do medium to long turns on groomers and steep; don't do bumps but like to cruds/chopped up soft stuffs and occasionally powder (not very deep).
I've been on K2 Mod 7/8 in 174 for about 3 years now and it's been a great skis to help me learn and advance. But I think it's time to move to a better skis.

I'm looking at some last year (or 2 years old) Axis X or Axis XP since I'm kinda biased toward K2 (I was on the 5500 prior to the Mod 7/8), but open to anything else that fits the budget. There are some good deals on eBay for the Axis X now and I can get some good price/cheap bindings off of REI for about $400 total. The XP is about $200 more. Is the Axis X a much better skis over the Mod 7/8 that make it worth it or maybe I can give the XP a shot. Do I keep the current length of 174 or move down to 167?

I read the Atomic Metron 10 is also a good ski; found one listed locally new in 164 length, no binding for $500. How do you think this skis will do for me in the Sierra snow?

This may infact be way out of my budget when add the Atomic Neox 412.

Also look at Head iM75 but couldn't find it in the local shop.

I want to demo but don't know if they have these at the resorts I go to.

Any other recommendations.

Sorry for the long post.

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last year's 5500 would be a great buy for you, as would the Axis X. don't go too long in the length.
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Demo what ever they have available.
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If I find time, I'll try to demo this year but it'll be tough since it's so much of a hassle and the demo center doesn't seem to have a lot of choices/size.

I think I'll probably wait a little to get some leftover 174 Axis X toward the end of the season.

Or maybe I can get one of the Bandit X or XX in 177 from the Sales forum.

Any other recommendations?

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The Axis X in a 174 seems like a logical ski for you given what you have described. It really is a great all around ski (50% piste/50% off-piste) for a level 8 and above. The only place it does not do well in is very hard snow. In Tahoe, you usually don't have to worry about that though. I would not go down in size. The ski's dimensions and characteristics are very similar to the Mod 7/8 and the 5500 you have been on. The Axis X Pro adds some metal to stiffen things up a bit. For me, this took away from the versatility of an all around ski (mainly bumps).

I've skied the Axis X in a 181 the last 4 seasons and I don't see myself replacing them anytime soon as my number one all around every day ski. I'm 6' 175lbs. and a level 8/9.

The newer mid-fat skis seem to be getting fatter. I'm not sure if this is a good thing for all around/all mountain skis or if it is just marketing. Maybe you should try to demo the Axis X and the new Apache X on the same day to see if there is a big difference.

As a K2 guy myself, I believe you can't go wrong with the Axis X and you may find that you keep it as your everyday ski for a very long time.
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I still ski my 7/8s in 181 for off piste, softer snow and cruddy condtions. But they are getting replaced as soon as I can get some binding mounted on a new ski. The 7.8 is actually a good ski in the bumps because it is sooo forgiving. I like to go fast some and the 7.8 tends to flap in the wind. The ski was geared toward soft snow, crud, light pow etc... However there are a ton of skis that are better in soft snow, that are also more stable in long turns at speed than the 7/8. So you options beyond K2 are pretty broad.

As for the Axis X, you will find that it is substantially similar to the 7/8. It has a slightly less dramatic sidecut, and a nearly identical construction. It is smooth, damp, and forgiving. The construction is almost identical to the 7/8 But the damping pieces are slightly thinner than what the put on the 7/8 so it should be lighter and a tad stiffer. It will probably be a bit better at speed. This is deffiantely an incremental upgarade. If you like the 7.8 and think its a little old and maybe jsut want a little bit extra this is the way to go. However since its still pretty narrow and very similar over its not going to be like some miraculous change.

One ski you might like to try is the Dynastar 8000. It is just as user friendly and easy to turn as the 7/8 but is is more stable on ice and rough conditions at a higher speed. It is also lighter and wider by 9mm under foot. I demoed the 8000 short (165 cm) it was easy to turn, yet stable, and pretty good gripper on hard pack.

Other options for a softer all mountain all terrain ski:
Fischer Big Stix 8.0
Rossi B2
Salomon Hot / X-Hot
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For Budget skis look for last seasons Atomic R10 in a 170. They have some on serria trading post.com . They also have a screaming deal on the Fischer 7.0 and 7.6, the 7.6 might be to much ski for you right now but it will be a fun ride. At $159.00 how can you go wrong? The axis x is a fine ski i still have a pair in my quiver that is IMHO the best all mountain ski I have for skiing bumps. The xP is a wonderful ski but I would save some bucks and get a great deal on skis and spend on more lessions.
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