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Hi. exhaust full cov. adj. helmets

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I need some ideas for a helmet trying/buying session:

I found a Leedom Scream Cut and need others that are similar w/ many exhaust vents. What else is out there?

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Try the Giro. My favs are the Nine9 and the Fuse.
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Giro None 9 is awesome, extremely light and great ventilation

I ski with it even on 65 degree spring days in Tahoe (with the ventilation plugs removed)

very warm as well, even with 70 mph winds and sub zero temps

my brother says his ears are cold in his, but I've never had that problem
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Giro 9. All the way.

Go to a place with a good selection and try them all on.
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Leedoms are probably my least favorite of all the helmet brands- they're cut really high on the forehead which leaves a big gap between your goggles and forehead.

Giro 9s are great lids, but it looks Wilbanba wants a full coverage helmet. The full coverage helmets are designed more for racing and full protection, so ventilation is often a noticeable after thought. Boeri and Carerra are my two preferred brands for these types of helmet. The Carerras seem to fit a little better, but they dont have a google strap on the back so if your skiing with your goggles up on your helmet they can sometimes pop straight off the top of your head. Boeri has a strap to stop this. Carerras are also more towards the $200 range where most Boeris are around $100. Ventilation for em has never been a problem; I had to take off my Boeri one day in early December when temps hit 60+ with the sun shining. Otherwise its pretty comfortable in any temps.
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Try the Markers, too. Harder to find, but very, very nice.
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I have a new Giro "Fuse" model helmet, which has both externally adjusted venting in combination with some internal plugs that can be removed for added air flow. I have used it with good success this season to date. I really like it. You can also remove the ear flaps for spring skiing when it gets even warmer. It's also very light weight.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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Brain buckets


Thanks for the recs

By full coverage I'm talking about hard ears not a full-face racing helmet - I can't get anything that covers the front of my face, if I do the 'chicks' can't dig my "sinister moustache"!

Really, all seriousness aside, just something for my ears and head

Don't need mp3 capability or anything else stupid like that

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by "full coverage," I meant the kind with the hard shell ears- few companies make the motocross style helmets you ski skicross racers wearing.
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wilbaba, just curious, what do you like about the full coverage? I am really liking my M3s because I can hear, but they keep my ears warm, too. Marker has the full-coverage option, too. Here are their models.
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