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some tough choices.. please help out

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hey guys, I am looking to buy a new pair of skis before going on a trip to lake louise and fernie later this week!! and these are the final deals I narrowed down to. I am having lots of trouble deciding between Rossi B2's and atomic R:EXs and the lengths as well. please help out! I am 5'10'' 165 pounds and have been skiing 178cm volkl supersport and volkl vertigos.. high intermediate-advanced skiier. thanks

new 182 B2's with Axial 140 freeride bindings - $500
new 176 B2's without bindings - $399
used 177 atomic R:EX with salomon s710 bindings - $379
used 184 atomic R:EX with atomic CR614 bindings - $399
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Well since no one else has taken a crack at it; go get the Rexs in 177s. At your skier weight you'll be fine with that. R:Exs are a fine all around ski and will do for powder/soft snow conditions too
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I have the 10EX in 177cm I'm 5'11" 190lbs I think you may want to go a bit shorter. Unless you don't have a need to do short turns. The EX likes speed and long turns. You can do short turns on them but they will be work. I took mine with me out the Whistler/Blackcomb a few years back. They were ok but there were times I wish I had my G31's or G3's. Now my favorite ski is my AX3 in 170cm.

I have ski 65+ days a season for the last 8 years.

Where do you live on MA ? There some great shops in the Longmeadow area.
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I live in the Somerville area.. have u ever skiied the rossi B2's??? I think im leaning more towards the 176 B2s....
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Max I am your height and heavier (220). My 176 B2's with Rossi Axial 100's are a blast. I got these from the shop that screwed up my Legend 4800's. They carve nicely with a moderate rebound and are easy to turn, however you do it. They have a high speed limit, which I did not attain. I have not tried them in deeper powder, only the 3-4 we had here at Sugar weeks ago. They take care of you like an old girlfriend. Sort of remind me of my R10.20's, but they seem more stable.

Of course now they are leaning on my study wall: it is 70F outside and I am walikng around in flops. Warren Miller DVD's are about as close as I'll get to snow this week.
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Yes, I demoed them in 03' the B2 was one of the few skis I demoed that day that I felt comfortable on, from the first step towards the lift. I can't remember the waist on the B2, the 176cm could work for you on the soft snow and big mountain. You already have Volkls, I compare all the demo skis to my G3's and AX3's, I have had the G30 and G31. Knowing you had Volkls I thought the EX would be a good choice with there 84 waist. If I was to sell my 10EX's I would step up to something like the Pocket Rocket.
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