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Looking for some Tahoe help for the weekend

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Looks like a friend and I will be coming out to Tahoe via Sacramento on Sunday night. We were trying to swing tonight but we just cant make it work. What are the chances we will be snowed out of Tahoe if we arrive in Sacramento Sunday night? If were not snowed out will we be able to find some fresh snow Monday morning? Any suggestions as to where to go for freshies Sunday through Wednesday? Maybe Sierra or one of the smaller places? Well probably end up on the South Shore since the hotels are reasonable but If anyone has other suggestions I would appreciate any info.

Also, anyone want to meet up for some turns while were out there?

Jonesin for Pow...
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more than likely you should be fine. based on last week's experience - it is the first 24 hours of a big storm that you need to be concerned about road closures. This storm is "supposed" to start Friday night. get an SUV - drive slowly and patiently - you will get to south shore - some time. Mon to wed - should be great at all resorts.
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Sunday should be OK. Unless you're planning on hitting Kirkwood, think about the North Shore. IMO, the North Shore, w/ access to Apline, Squaw and Sugar Bowl is vastly superior to Heavenly. Also, you can get some good lodging deals at the casinos on the North side. Try the Cal-Neva or Biltmore. You can also find some cheapoer lodging in tahoe City and Truckee. There is a Motel 6 in Truckee, or Super 8, can't remember which.

Unless your res is already made, you might think about flying to reno...lot shorter drive.
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Hey, don't get sent up north too easily. It's great up there, and that's where I'll be this weekend. But folks who dis Heavenly either don't like trees or don't give the resort its due. Go high there, and every band of trees is divine. I like trees when the sun is out. But if this storm is like the last one (as NWS says it may be) the forest may be the only place to be.

As for Sierra, hopefully things have changed since my last visit more than a year ago. There is fun terrain there, but the lift lines were daunting. Maybe just a bad day.

Happy trails.
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Thanks to all for their input. At this juncture it looks like were just going to play it by ear as the weather will have a huge input on where we ski and which days. Im really hoping to put some time in at Kirkwood but the weather and the conditions on the pass will determine if that happens or not. I was not expecting to hear that Sierra gets nasty lift lines but Im going to keep it as an option if the weather restricts us to the southern areas. My buddy really wants to check out Squaw so well probably hit it on the way back out to Sacramento on Wednesday.

Now Im wondering if anyone can suggest a couple good, cheap to moderate places to eat in the south shore area? Maybe a breakfast place and a place to grab a slice of pizza or three?

Anyone want to meet up for some turns? drop me a PM
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If you're staying until Wednesday, you're heading for at least three epic days, four or possibly even five if you're not averse to snow; and you should have no trouble getting to Kirkwood at least a day or two. When the storm clears, the drive through Carson Pass will be beautiful. I wouldn't expect crowds at Sierra (or anywhere else) on the weekdays.
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tahoe this weekend

Powderpig, skied last fri and sat and will be back up thurs thru sun next week.There is PLENTY of snow and powder. You will have a long drive to get to Squaw from South shore. 89 was and I suspect still closed at Emerald bay so the only way north is to drive the east side of the lake. I did it last fri, 25-30mph the whole way but it was open. Expect 2-3 hrs to Squaw from so.shore. Big storm expected Sat 3-5ft snow Sun as well. Kirkwood is tough cause 88 stays closed a lot or so wind blown that the Highway Patrol closes the road and Kirkwood closes the lifts. But that said it's great if you can get there! Skied Sierra last SAt and the lines were averge 5-10 minutes. It was snowing tho and the crowds were minimal. Tahoe king and grandview express didn't open till later in the day and the west bowl later also. The snow was great!!!! You will have fun and if all else is closed Heavenly is only across the street. For a really GREAT experience, musically, find the Tray Stone band. Usually at Mcp's or one of the casino lounges.
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I hope you're able to get to the 'wood from S. Shore...should be by Tues at the latest. You'll enjoy it greatly. Getting to Squaw from the S. Shore via 89 may be tough this weekend.

For good cheap eats in S. Shore, check out some of the casino buffets. Some are very good.

Have fun, and bring your fat skis and snorkels.
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This story has some handy airfare comparisons from various cities to Reno and Sactown.

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Originally Posted by mkevenson
...89 was and I suspect still closed at Emerald bay so the only way north is to drive the east side of the lake.
Here's a good link (I'm sure it's been posted before):
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