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Sadly- Your prayers are needed again

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another good kid needs all of us pulling for him-


2nd young adult from the Burke Mountain community in less than a year-- may Tony come through it.........
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My husband was one of the patrollers who responded to Tony's accident. We are all praying that he pulls through OK. He certainly seems to be a fighter.

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Prayers sent !
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I'm sure all our prayers will go out to this young man. I pray for the boy's welfare but also for some strength and peace for what must be a very stressed family.
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After ten years of finding accident victims on ski slopes, I finally gave up. Prayer is in the mail!
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update time-

Tony left the ICU today, one week later- very serious brain trauma, but he appears to be fighting his way through the first phases of a "recovery"- no one knows what that will mean, but all parties are thrilled that he is working and fighting to come back from a place very, very far away-

thanks to those who have been supportive and I will keep the community posted when the fundraisers start- this is a long battle that the family is going to need some help with---
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.... never easy
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Energy from Wisconsin.
I'll be thinking of him at Shelley's memorial race at Marquette Mtn this weekend.
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good to hear from you- Post a report after Shelley memorial race- we miss her terribly back here..
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Tony and his family continue to be in our thoughts. My husband actually stopped by the hospital last week to check on Tony and met his dad. Sounds like a strong young man and a strong family...let's hope he pulls through with flying colors.

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He's a smart guy....he was wearing a helmet.
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Actually, the helmet did not help him. He hit the tree with his neck, below the helmet.

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Here is a story in the local paper about Tony. He appears to be recovering quite quickly:

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Shelley Glover Memorial
Region 2 Central USSA, held the first annual Shelley Glover Memorial race January 15 and 16 at Marquette Mountain Michigan. There was hope that some skiers from Burke would attend but schedules didn't permit.
Rich Glover, Shelley's dad attended and helped with the awards ceremonys. He gave each medalist a picture of Shelley at one of her races from last year. Rich shared some entries from Shelley's journal with us and Region 2 presented him with this year's number 1 race bib (Shelley's image is on the bib along with a quote about excellence from her) Region 2 presented Rich with a check for the Shelley Glover Ski Education Foundation, a 501 C 3, started to help Central racers with achieving their dreams.
The best juniour man and women, based on overall points recieved crystal awards and had their names engraved on the cup. This years winners were Cameron Bence(J II) and Kelsey Roddick(1st year J II)
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could you post contact info for the foundation? not popping up with a google search-

Congrats on what sounds like a great event-
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It sounds like you had a very nice event.

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