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fake oakley wisdoms?

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My brother got a good deal on some wisdoms on Ebay, before I get some I wanted to make sure they were legit. So I guess I am asking some one that bought theirs from a genuine dealer.

do the vents on the side (the things that stick out beneath the eyes) let any air in, or are they for show. (using a torch on my brothers I can see that they are blind ending and there is no opening inside the goggles.)
Is there an oakley stamp/inscription any where on the lens? My bro's don't have one

any others features you can think of that fakes may not have

thanks a lot for your help

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those are real, the little vents cause a vortex along the bottom of the goggle that pulls air through the cavity/space in front of the eyes to prevent fogging(at least thats the propaganda)
depending on lens shading and or tint there may or may not be and branding on the lens
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Not Fake.

Don't worry about it mate, Mine are also from eBay for £80 brand new. And they are the real deal and very good to boot.
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