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which ski similar to atomic 10.20 betaride?

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hi! i have been skiing the atomic 10.20 betaride in 190cm for about 6 years now. i am 30 years old, 210lbs and 186cm (6.1-6.2) and very atheletic (hockey player). mostly i ski in austria, where i am from, and about 20 days a year. most of the times i ski on the slope, but i also love bumps and powder.
the atomic 10.20 was a great ski, i think, as you could carve long turns, but also go for short turns, bumps and even powder (a little bit to tight though). now i am looking for a new ski, but would like to get one like the atomic 10.20. i am not sure if i should get one to ski for skiing on the slope and one for off skiing, or an all-mountain ski. i probably ski 80% on and 20% off.
i am thinking about getting the
Atomic Metron B5 (will try it next week)
Head I XRC 1100 SuperRailflex 2
Atomic SX11
Salomon Crossmax 10 Pilot
Rossignol Bandit B2 (maybe to soft)

p.s:i really like to feel the ski and my legs after skiing. the 10.20 was perfect.
thanks for any help.
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I would add the Head IM75, probably in a 177, to your list, gives a lot of the same strengths as the 10.20 which I agree was a great ski at the time
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I would stay away from the SX11 or any Salomon with your size. The SX11 is to single minded for my all mountain taste. I think you'll like the B5 except for it's weight. I have demoed it and had fun on it. You should demo it in 172 and 162cm. You may be surprised by the 162cm.

I also still have the 10.20 as my rock ski. I skied its last day on Nov. 13 04. It will be retired, never to be skied again. I'm happy on my Volkls, but at your young age you may like the pop out of the Atomics.

You may want to try the Dynastar 8000 in 170cm. You might enjoy it.
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I think the Dyna Legend 8000 only have 172cm/178cm not the 170cm. I bought a used Intuitive 74 175cm. It's a very good skis and easy to ski but it's way softer than the Bandit XX. I am getting the 8000 178cm. I'm only an intermediate who like to go fairly fast. At 205 lp, is it the right length for for me ?
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You are a big dude, in shape, and sound like a fairly agressive skier. 95% of the guys on here recommending skis ARE NOT. They are going to try to put you on a 170, and this will suck for someone like you who wants more ski than that.

First of all, look at something in the 185 to 195 cm range. I'm 6'1, 180 lb, 26, and good shape, but probably not as nearly as strong as you. I ski freeskiing skis in that that length range, here is what I own:

185 Salomon Scream xtra hot
188 Dynastar Intuitiv Big
192 Stockli Stormrider (1st gen)
201 Stockli Asteroid

I rarely (never) like anything shorter than a 180, except for slalom carvers, but I don't really like them. Anyway, DON'T BUY A 170!!!! PLEASE!

Ok....look to go to something wider. I ski east coast, and will probably never buy anything narrower than 80mm underfoot, maybe a 75mm though. Here Is what I would check out if I was you:

188 Volkl 724 AX4 (83mm)
194 Stockli stormrider XL (~75mm waist)
186 Stockli stormrider DP (91mm waist, but pretty versitile)
185 Atomic M:EX (I demoed it and liked it)
184 Head 75 im
186 or 193 Head 85 im

And there are others.

DON'T BUY A 170!!!
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thanks for the reply. i am still not sure, which ones i should test. and also which lengths, since i used to ski 190. the atomic 10.20 was about 69cm, so should i get it a bit more wider or stay with 70cm. i do like to ski very hard skis. here in austria most head skis this year have been excellent in skiing tests. so i really want to try the head monster 75 and the xrc 1100. maybe the b5 too. a friend of mine tried it two days ago and said its really great for carving but very heavy for quick turns and bumps.
thanks for any further help.
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of course, i meant mm, not cm when talking about the wide.
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need some more advice, please.
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