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ski's for beginner

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Ski - North East mostly ice
Height - 6'1
Weight - 150
Skiing style - Moderate
Time - 1 year

I am looking at getting my first set of ski's and this is a big step for me! Obviously since I do not have a lot of experience with skiing, (Latest step- finishing up blue slopes without fear and mistakes and moderate speeds), I wanted mid level ski's until I can gain more experience and skill to handle the higher end ski's.

Some of the one's that I have been considering (in about the 160 length due to my low weight) are as follows:

Head iC 160
Volkl Carver V3
K2 5500

Mainly have considered these since I am not a strong/aggressive skier yet, and have heard that these are more forgiving and also of good quality to advance on.

Could you please recommend one over the other, or offer other choices. Problem is the limited supply of demo ski's in the NE (philly area), that I cannot find a lot of places to try them out so I will just have to buy them with input from others.
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Can't help you with beginner skis, but I demo'd skis at Langhorne Ski Shop several years back. think they even deduct the demo fee if you end up buying skis from them.

From there, you can just hop on the NE Extension and head up to the Poconos.

You can also check with the various mountains. Camelback (skicamelback dot com) just had a demo day last week, which I unfortunately missed. I think they have another one next week. In the past, I've been able to demo skis from Salomon, K2, & Rossi up there ... no charge; they just hold your driver's license as security.
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Thanks for the info. I went out and got myself a pair of Head IC 160 ski's, brand new at 163cm for $150. Now I need to get some bindings? What would you recommend for bindings for these ski's? I was thinking of the Tyrolia LD10 or the SL100. Are there any others that I should consider that are moderately priced?

Also with new ski's do I have to get them tuned and waxed, or do new ski's usually come that way?
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the edges will be the best you will ever have...nothing is like a new factory edge.....but definitely put wax on them....where did you get the skis...for $150...nice deal......I usually wax my new skis 3-4x's before they see the snow....have fun [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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