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Well then maybe you should read all of John Masons posts & the few responses of mine rather than read one in isolation & decide to "lecture" me from it....

After he repeatedly stated that Bob barnes, Rick(fastman) etc had NO IDEA about skiing etc etc I have suggested a couple of times that HE get of the us versus them bandwagon where us is PMTS and them is the rest of the world (except he thinks PSIA is the whole rest of the world).....

If you had read some of the past history of posts (in many threads) you would realise I ski with people trained in many systems... the staatlich guys are particularly strong in biomechanics etc because that course (that costs about $30,000 for that last step alone) is a university type one in ski & movement....

In fact the 2 staatlich that I have lessons with the most are BOTH aussies not austrians.... (although I have had some lessons with the austrians) ..... I would actually say that these guys are very strong off-piste & I know at least one of them used to take every chance he could get to ski out of resort... remember over here we have a short ski season - but the same area under snow as switzerland & most of it has no roads etc in it - very back country....

For John to continue to insist that HH has the only answers & that no-one else understands anything (Bob Barnes, Fastman etc are all ignorant etc) is just insulting to all these people.... every so often I lose it with his insistence that this is so & that PSIA represents the world of skiing outside PMTS...
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Gotta go with disski on this one! She has always promoted the idea there are good and bad to be found in all methods of ski instruction and no one method has all the answers.
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Thanks skier_j ...

btw how does the inline go these days? I have not been out much last year or so....
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OK, I'll apologize

Seems I may have taken your ribbing of John Mason without enough background. I definitely don't read entire threads here and pick out some points interest to read and even fewer to respond to.

It seems I also tend to miss second and especially third pages as I read these (as is shown here in that I responded to you from a post a ways back).

So, after reading some of your others as your requested, it seems you aren't the self rightous zealot I read into. I apologize. This thread led me to believe that John was the one looking for postive common ground and trying to be a conduit, not a devider.

I hadn't visited for awhile, and it looks like my post was brought forward, so I did want to publicly apogize for singleing you out.

I hope you're continued belief in your teachers moves you closer to your goals (which I hope are lofty). And I hope you and others continue to realize there are many out there that have found some wonderful answers to this great game of skiing we play and they don't have to have been educated in Austria, in some special acronym (be it pmts, psia or whatever), and they don't have to have 20 years of skiing under their belt to create quality play and learning.


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It's Ok Wade...it was just that your post was almost the opposite of what has really been happening....

I read here because I like to see the variety of ideas.... but I dislike it when people start to rubbish those who willingly try to explain the reasons for their opinions & then argue with teh same people from "quicksand" bases....

I probably should be less rude with John mason - but when I tried nice it was ignored.... actually he seems to like ignoring anything that he is not "set up" to argue with.... kind of reminds me of a friend meeting a mormon friend for the first time "What do you know about the mormons?" "EVERYTHING(with a big grin)" ... only time I have ever seen the mormon one stumped - seems he had no pat answer worked out for that response....
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