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good glove shell/liner combo

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I'm looking for a good shell/liner glove combo for warmth and (temperature) flexibility and need some opinions. I was looking for just a "normal" glove but after skiing in 40s for a couple days and pulling the liners out of my old gloves, I'm thinking that's still my best bet (when it's really cold, these gloves don't do so well and they're getting old). I need a glove that is very warm with the liner and of course waterproof. Thanks.
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My Glove Solution

having played with liner gloves for years, i've switched over to a nonliner glove.

the best solution is to buy a glove like a Swany Utility for cold days and a spring glove for warmer days.

The Swany is a super deal at approx $82. what's great about this glove is the level of articulation in the fingers, the warmth, and the weatherproofness. the swany utility glove consistantly outperforms gloves that cost twice as much in independent lab tests. Swany must be doing something right as they were selected to develop gloves for american astronauts. if you're lucky, you can even find a full leather version of this glove. it is super nice.

you can get a spring glove at your local hardware store: just buy the nicest full leather glove with a shearling liner: approx $35.
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I spent a great deal of time two yrs ago researching gloves and here's what I found

(1) Personally, I ended up with the Grandoe GCS and it's terrific. Breathable, insulated and two layers (the liner layer is merino wool and it doesn't itch whatsoever)

it's an unbelievably great glove, but pricy at about $100

my hands are always toasty warm and **dry** even in -20 degree conditions or 65 degree California spring skiing conditions, they never sweat and the gloves never smell, unlike many other gloves

I **highly** recommend them, they do everything they say and are extremely well made

a 10 yr glove for sure

they are a bit big, so downsize by one if you buy them, and by all means try on any glove before buying (don't just buy online without knowing the fit)


(2) my second choice was Patagonia glove shells

White Smoke ($70) in black


very well made, breathable and a wide choice of liners (warm to very cold)

great fit and dexterity, too

(3) third choice was North Face glove shells - must less expensive but not as breathable

any other glove shell that's breathable (ie. Goretex or similar) will also do, you don;t have to spend a fortune to get a great layered system

the reason most gloves stink is that they say they're "waterproof" but that doesn't mean breathable, and in fact, avoid any glove that says waterproof and DOESN'T also say breathable

Breathability is #1, then warmth, then price, then style/fit

**insist** and invest in a breathable shell and you won't have stinking gloves and you won't have to keep buying a new pair every few year

you get what you pay for

the gloves I've suggested are not cheap and I'm sure you can find cheaper shells elsewhere, but again, NEVER BUY A ONE-PIECE GLOVE no matter what because if they get wet inside (perspiration, etc), they'll trap bacteria and stink to high heaven

always buy a layered system and look for real breathable shells, preferably with good quality synthetic insulation (not down)

hope this helps
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I echo UB's sentiments on the Swany glove. I picked up a pair last season (not sure of specific model) and they are sweet!
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Which GCS glove model do you have?
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I, too, have picked up a pair of Swany component gloves and love them. For a "lesser" brand name product, they are very comfortable, warm, dry, easy to get on/off, effective and flexible. They even have pockets in back of hands for handwarmers. What was the best was the price - less than $20, 75% off retail.
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Originally Posted by AJ24

Which GCS glove model do you have?

as far as I know, there is only one GCS model out there

Grandoe's web site also only shows one type of GCS
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Originally Posted by SquawMan
as far as I know, there is only one GCS model out there

Grandoe's web site also only shows one type of GCS

Ok, I stand corrected, there are more than one type of Grandoe GCS glove, but I may have found you guys a winning deal....check this out:


I did a little research after looking at the price and realized that I bought the Grandoe "Hurricane" GCS glove, which was rated 'Warmest Ski Glove' by SKI magazine

it costs $99 retail and is a bit less on the Internet


the Hurricane is an amazing glove, I highly recommend it, but for the money, the other GCS glove above $35 on salew from $69) is probably more than enough for most people
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Grandoe CGS system. I picked up a couple of pairs cheap off EBay. There haven't been many for sale this season.
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Grando GCS Gloves are $34.95 @ Backcountry.com
or go to yahoo shopping & type "Grandoe GCS"
Plenty on sale right now!

For the tip, by an extra pair & ship'm to me!
Just kiddn
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I have had very good experience with two brands. First, Marmot makes some great reliable gloves. I have skied with them for many years without any failures in the product.

The other brand is Mountain Hardware, the gloves I now use most days. These are more like snowboarding gloves and have room for a liner glove, which i wear in colder weather. They don't leak and have also held up well with the abuse I give them. I liked them so much that after my first pair were stolen at an exam, I replaced them with the same glove. Cost was about $100.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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I'm thinking of the Marmot Apex glove; looks very good. Does anyone have any experience of it?
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Ultimate mittens are the best! Removeable fleece glove liner, with a zipper on outer edge of mitten to get your fingers out should you need to.
Picked up for $52.....
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Marmot Apex is a fantastic glove- best I have ever owned (but expensive, however). I used them for the past 3 years until I lost mine at Vail last week (left in the mens room , never turned in to lost and found despite having my name and phoe # in them). Highly recommended. In general, I have found that clothing made for hte mountaineering market is better constructed than that made for the ski market.
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You can remove the liner from the apex right? Looks like a pretty nice glove. On sale here and there also.
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yeah, the apex liner is removable apparently. dp - any issues over the stitching?
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Anyone remember "Lunarmitts" they were a glove inside a mitten, The warmest glove I ever had.
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IMHO, Marmot gloves have been hard to beat. I have used both the Randonee and the "ultimate ski glove" and both are well worth the hefty price considering the incredible warmth and dryness they provide. I also have a pair of Marmot Expedition mitts for those super cold days...I can't see ever having cold hands with these on.
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NickC- they seem indestructable to me- after 3 years (30+ ski days/year and some spring mountaineering days) they still looked like new. Warmest gloves I have ever owned, and I am plagued by cold hands. I suspect that if there ever were stitching issues that Marmot would repair them for free- they really stand behind their products. I replaced my Apex gloves with their Randonnee golves, because I found them for only $40.00 (60% off- reg. $100)- hope they will be as warm (but they don't have the removable liner, which is definitely not as good).
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