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Sceneo still going strong in 03-04

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Hi all:

I went to the Vancouver Ski swap this morning, and learned that the Fischer Sceneo line is still going strong in 03-04. It has most definitely NOT been supplanted by the new Fischer RX line.

The RX line falls into their 'Skier-X /Expert Carve' skier cross line. The RX 10 line has a 20m radius, and is 105-65-91. The RX 8 has a 14m radius, and is 115-66-98.

The Sceneo line falls into their 'New Style Carve' line. The S500 Fti has a 15m radius, and is 118-68-100. The S400 Fti (frequency tuning is new this year for the S400) has a 15m radius, and is also 118-68-100.

I know that the Sceneo had a devoted following here last season, and I've read several times that it had been replaced for this season. So I just wanted to clarify things that the death of the Sceneo has been greatly exaggerated.

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Boy, is "Sceneo" ever a gay name for a ski.
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TooSteep: Thanks for the post. This what has been pieced together regarding the fantastic but mysterious Fischer Sceneo line:

In Canada,
Fischer Sceneo 400, 500 and also lower series Fischer Sceneo's are available.

In Japan,
The Fischer Sceneo, 300, 400, 500, and a Fischer Sceneo 600 with the same sidecut as the Fischer WorldCup SC (123-66-102cm) is available as well as lower series Sceneo's.

In the USA,

No Sceneo 400, 500, or 600. There are Fischer Sceneo's 100XT, 140, and 200 skis aimed at the entry level and intermediate skier.

The USA market has the Fischer RX8, RX6, RX4 and a womens version of the RX 4 which is intended to replace the upper end Sceneo line.

Canada has a Fischer RX10 as well as RX8, RX6 and RX4
Japan has only certain Fischer RX series skis.

Almost everyone that I heard from who skied the Sceneo 400 or 500 skis last season said that they were far ahead of most of the the pack and without equal in their category. It is too bad they are not going to be available this season in the USA.

The WorldCup SC will be back along with the WorldCup RC. It will be interesting to hear more about the Fischer RX line.

What ski shops sell the Fischer Sceneo's in in Vancouver?

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Has anyone heard anything about the Sceneo 600 besides their rediculous dimensions (something like 122-66-110, correct me if Im wrong). I loved the 500 last year, but Id appreciate any info on the 600. Anything at all would be great. Thanks
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The Sceneo 600 has the same dimensions as the Fischer WC SC available in the USA last season and this coming season: 123-66-102cm. Like the WC SC it has woodcore aircarbon Titanium construction with a race plate, racing split base, frequency tuning etc. The WC SC has vertical sidewalls where I believe the Sceneo's all have cap construction. I'm not aware of any other differences.

Like the Fischer WC SC, the Fischer Sceneo 600 has a 12 meter turn radius at 170cm, 10 meters at 160 and 8 meters at 150cm. Lengths available are in in five cm increments from 150-170cm. It is available in Japan but not in the USA or Canada. I suspect the Sceneo 600 would be very simular to the Fischer WC SC which was a popular ski for Fischer in the USA last season.

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Originally posted by Rod Farva:
Boy, is "Sceneo" ever a gay name for a ski.
Some care about the base of the ski, some care about the top sheet graphics and a few care about the name. Go figure.

Anyway, to add to the confusion, when I skied in Finland this year I rented a pair of Fischer Sceneo S350 FT Ti. I was told they are similar in performance to the S500 FT Ti (and they had the same 118-68-100 dimensions). But I found them a little lighter and more forgiving than the S500.

I continue to find my Fischer Sceneo 500 a little heavy for my preference. Great for carving crud and nasty snow, not so great for quick fall line turns.
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