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Happy New Year everyone!

Some of you might remember my trip report from last December to Monashee Powder Adventures Tsuius Lodge:

Well, this Dec 28-30 I was lucky enough to get to go on one of the first trips ever to MPA's new Anstey Lodge. The meeting place is just west of Revelstoke and the lodge is around 40-50 Km north (as the crow flies) of the original Tsuius Lodge. What can I say, Nick and Ali Holmes-Smith have done it again!

The skiing was simply incredible. When's the last time you got to ski an area 10X the size of Vail that gets more then twice as much light and fluffy snow on average with only 23 other guests? We only saw a small precentage of the terrain but what we saw and skied was amazing. The terrain is very similar to the other lodge but the runs average a bit more verticle and there seems to be more consistent fall line.

The new lodge, although not quite finished, is beautiful. It's larger then the original and better laid out. In my previous report I had two major complaints, the noise level in the lodge and the shared bathrooms. Well, I guess they listened to me The new lodge is laid out like a V with the hangout/kitchen area in one arm and the sleeping quarters in the other, thus seperating the noisemakers from the sleepers. And each room has its own private bath with shower. Really well thought out and beautiful construction.

Of course, you get the same amazing food and same wonderful staff you always have.

I gotta say, if the Monashees don't offer the best skiing in the world then it's at least pretty darn close. And MPA offers a great overall experience. It might seem a little pricey, but compared to so many other options and given what you get it seems like a steal to me.

Do yourself a favor and experience MPA at least once in your life. Now seems to be a good time to book too. The new lodge is filling up fast, particularly because a lot of return clients like myself are trying out the new lodge, so it's also a great time to try to get into their original lodge, which still also offers a great experience.