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I am looking for a mid-fat all-mountain ski that is 50% on and 50% off-piste. I have narrowed down my choices to the Rossi B2's and the Atomic R:EX. I was wondering what you guys thought about these two skis, and maybe some advice on which one to get. Thanks guys.

happy powdering,
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unc5cota, here are my reviews of the R:EX and B2 from March 2003. I skied both during a trip to Vail and ended up buying the R:EX in 168cm. FWIW you can probably get the R:EX for much less than the B2 if you can find it since the R:EX is no longer in production (Metron M:EX replaced it). The B2 is still in production. IMO these skis have a very different feel so demo if you can. You might not be able to find the R:EX to demo but you can certainly find the B2 for demo. There have been a lot of positive reviews of the new Metron M:EX. Maybe you should consider it as well. Also, tell us a little about yourself (approximate ability level, preferred terrain, height, weight, number of years skiing, etc) so we can better help you.

Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: 02/03 R:EX
Ski Length: 168cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring corn, heavy and light crud, groomers, bumps
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: Rossi Bandit X, Rossi Bandit XX, Atomic Betaride 9.22
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150#
Comments: A fantastic ski for just about all conditions. Rock steady and stable at all speeds. Great solid feel underfoot. Carves medium and long radius turns very easily. For short radius turns and bumps staying forward, over the sweet spot is a must. If over the sweet spot, can rattle off very quick, short radius turns easily and pretty good in bumps considering the 84mm waist. The 168cm length I skied on probably also helps with short turn and bump performance. Plows through crud and heavy snow at any speed without any deflection. Did not get to ski true powder but would guess that flotation is good to excellent judging from light crud performance. The only weakness is that the R:EX not very forgiving. Get in the back seat and get punished. Overall, a really great, versatile ski for the advanced or expert rider with good technique looking to ski the entire mountain.

Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 03/04 Bandit B2
Ski Length: 170cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring corn, heavy and light crud, groomers, bumps
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: Rossi Bandit X, Rossi Bandit XX, Atomic R:EX, Atomic Betaride 9.22
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150#
Comments: Skied it at Vail on the frontside and Back Bowls. Skied 170cm XX and then B2 back to back. They are very different feeling skis. B2 is a much smoother, damper feeling ski. XX is lighter and more agile feeling. For me the B2 needed a bit more speed and steering to initiate a turn but when on edge, carves very well and is very stable even in heavy crud. Did not get to ski powder. Less forgiving than the XX especially in short turns. Likes medium to long radius turns much more than short. Not as quick as the XX. Not bad in bumps but not as good as XX. Overall, the more I skied the B2 the more I liked it but I prefer the XX for it's lighter, quicker feel. The XX matches my skiing personality better.
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Thanks for such a quick and detailed reply! This forum is certainly friendlier than others. I am 5'10'' 165, and intermediate-advanced skiier who loves off-piste trails and soft stuff. I've been skiing on volkl vertigos and supersport 4-star, both in 178cm, but want something that can power through crud and powder, at the same time perform on groomed runs (since I live in the east coast and will have to ski vermont at some times). Yes, it is true that the R:EX's are much cheaper, but I have read some great reviews on the B2's. I am considering an seller's offer for the brand new B2's with axial freeride 140 bindings for $500.
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If you are a strong, technically good skier that likes a ski that gives alot of feedback and energy, in all conditions then go for the Rex if you can find a good deal on one.
If you are a strong, technically good skier in all conditions and on all terrain that likes a ski that is quiet, damp, predictable and doesn't requier alot of input to ski it, go for the B2.

They're both great skis. It might come down to which one you can get a better deal on.
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hmm..... it's so hard to decide!
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consider the R:9


I'd also consider the Atomic R:9. They will be a bit more forgiving than the R:EX, and might be a better ski for you given your relative light weight (165lbs). The R:EX is a serious ski - nice and stiff, ready for big steeps and such. The R:9 can also go off-piste, but probably can't be pushed quite as hard. But it still does really well.

The R:9 is now discontinued; it replaced the well-reviewed BetaRide 9.22. From what I can tell, they are basically the same ski.

I've been skiing the BetaRide 9.22 for 2 seasons, and I love them. They really DO perform well in all conditions, including moderate amounts of powder and crud. At the same time, they do very well on the groomers and the icey slopes of Vermont.

The other bonus of the R:9 vs. the R:EX (or other high-end Atomic skis) is that they are NOT pre-drilled for Atomic bindings. You can throw any binding and/or plate you want on them.

You might be able to pick up a pair cheap on eBay or some other on-line liquidator.

Hope that helps.

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I completely agree with Lars' description of the general characteristics R:EX vs the B2. You definitely have to be strong and technically sound to take full advantage of the R:EX. If not, you will not enjoy it. It will take you for a relatively uncontrolled ride. It is a demanding ski. If you're more intermediate or lower advanced (PSIA Level 7 or below) in skill level the R:EX may be too much ski for you. If you're more advanced (high level 7 or above) the R:EX will probably be fine. As I mentioned in my review I didn't care for the dampness and quietness of the B2. I like a ski that's more lively and responsive. If you do decide to go with the R:EX I'd suggest the 168cm length for versatility especially if you're not sure if you can handle this ski. If you go too long, short turns will be lots of work if not impossible. By your description of your skiing preferences and skiing location you may want to consider other true mid-fat skis like the B2 (70 to 80mm waist). The R:EX has a 84mm waist and is at the upper end of the mid-fat range or lower end of the powder ski range. The B2 has a 76mm waist and is pretty much considered a prototypical mid-fat. A 70 to 80mm waist ski may be more versatile for where you're skiing. Also, keep in mind that, IMO the B2 responds best to modern technique. If you're more of an old school skier you'll struggle to get everything out of the B2 that it has to offer. Happy hunting.
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thanks prosper.. your advice was very helpful.. I think Im gonna go with the B2's in 176 cm, with either marker titanium 12 glide control bindings or titanium 1300 piston control bindings. I am having a hard time deciding because a seller is offering a pretty good deal for brand new 182 cm B2's with bindings. (for the 176cm, it doesn't come with bindings)... I have skiied 180+ skis before and I know I feel comfortable on it, but should I just go with the 176?
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i want to ask about the weight of salomon scream xtra hots. can anyone give me some input on these skis? and how do you guys think it matches up to the B2s???

i swear i won't ask any more questions.. im tired of shopping for skis.. i just wanna go ski fernie already. can't wait!
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I have demoed all the skis you have mentioned. I liked them all and own the B2s. For eastern conditions (except for the rare powder day) the B2 is not your best choice. It excels in softer western snow. Edge hold on western hardpack is great, float in pow is great and turns are quick on-piste and they are great in bumps. IMO it is a much more versatile ski than the REX, which I also liked alot. But on eastern ice it blows (with current 1-1 tune).

The REX would be a better choice as an eastern ski for the conditions you indicate, but it is a more stiff ski.

I didn't care as much for the Hots & XHots, they were great in powder, but seemed to ski softer than the B2 and didn't hold an edge nearly as well as the other 2. I found the B2 & REX to be much more responsive.
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For your height and weight 176cm would probably be the most versatile length. 182cm would be more geared towards long turns. I think you'd lose more versatility by going with the 182cm than you'd lose as far as stability goes with the 176cm skis. But, it depends on how you like to ski. If you like mostly GS turns and ski fast to very fast the 182cm may be a better choice. If you like a little bit of everything ie. short turns, long turns, moguls, trees, etc. the 176cm is probably better. I've never skied the Sollies so can't comment on them. Do a search on the Xtra Hots. I think there's been a considerable amount posted on them in the past. Let us know what you end up getting and how you like them.
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