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some help picking skis

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Well, after browsing these forums amongst others, I've come to the conclusion that it's time to ask for help.

I'm a higher-end intermediate skier and I'm looking to purchase some new skis. I'm 5'9", 160 lbs and have been skiing for about 14 years. I try to ski everything, enjoy the bumps, ski powder rarely (but do enjoy it), and will hit the jumps if the mood strikes me. About 4 years ago I upgraded from my old school Rossi dv6 @ 192cm to some kastles with a small side-cut that I really didn't enjoy too much. I've been looking at a few options, but any help would be awesome:

Head Monster iM 70s
Atomic sx9
K2 Apache Crossfire

These are some that I've been looking at. I was thinking that ~170cm would be a reasonable length. Anybody have any recommendations on model years or some other suggestions? Am I even going in the right direction, should I be looking at a different length maybe?

Thanks a lot!
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I'm sure there will be many expert advises coming your way. But, here is my less than expert 2 cents on another ski to add to your list.

From your self description, you sound more like an advanced skier and not just an intermediate -- probably between a Level 6 and 7. I'm roughly about the same level (nonaggressive) with about the same amount of years on skis and similiar interests on the slopes. I'm a bit shorter (5'6") and a bit heavier (around 170).

I was looking at both the SX9 and the Rossi B1 at the end of last season. I think both of these are all mountain skis with the SX9 geared a bit more towards on piste and the B1s being more forgiving. I ended up getting the B1 (160cm) for a price I cannot resist (and I didn't care for the graphics on the SXs). My old skis are longer Volant carvers (178). Although I loved them on the groomers (and still do), I always found the tails catching while skiing on ungroomed trails, on steeps, on bumps and in glades (I'm not a good bumper nor glader to begin with).

I have skied on the B1 primarily this year and have noticed quite a few minor (?) differences. I am getting much better results turning on steeps and going over bumps and between trees. Also, I can carve short radius turns like I never could before. Same thing with jumps. I can now catch much bigger air (still not big) without going out of control. At higher speed, I think the B1s are almost as fast as the Volants although not quite as stable (perhaps due to the weight). They handle just as well on steeps.

Oh, one more thing... I find myself having to shift forward much more on the B1. I suppose that is a good thing because I have a tendency to sit back.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks a lot for the advice, seems like we're in the same boat. I'll look into the B1s, I've always been a rossi fanboy, lol.

I can get a good deal on some 172cm 2003 iM85s. Any opinions on these?
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I don't want to sound mean but where you say you have been skiing for 14 years we don't know your skill level. How many times a season do you ski? I have been 65+ days a season for the last 8 years. When I thought I knew how to ski way back then, I would have said I was your level. But in the past years I have improved so much since the shaped skis came on the market and I have taken lessons and have friends that are high level instructors. There is so much to learn.

I would say the 172cm is to long for you. That ski in 165cm would serve you better. The B1 should also be in the 165cm area. If you go to long they will only hold you back from improving.

I don't want you to think I'm putting you down, but lessons will help when you get the new skis. There are so many good skis out there it's hard to recommend one to someone. If you want to buy last yeas skis try and check out last Septembers 04 or even maybe 2003 Ski Magazine for something in the Players catagory.

Hope I was a help with out being to cruel.
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ki_cz, where do you spend most of your time skiing (part of the world/country)? When you are skiing, what runs/trails do you frequent the most? What speed do you tend to ski (faster, the same, or slower than most others on those trails)? All of these will factor in.

Also, what kind of ski do you like to ski? Lively or damp? Short turns or long?
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Thanks for the input guys, to go into some more detail:

- I live in western Canada, I spend most, if not all of my time skiing hills like Sunshine, Lake Louise, Marmot Basin, Kicking Horse, basically wherever I can. Snow conditions are usually pretty good and I find myself skiing the upper portions of the hill in the morning to take advantage of as much fresh snow as possible, then hitting the trees/bumps in the afternoon.

- The past 2 years I have only managed to hit the mountains probably about for 15 days. I'll ski local hills as well which are boring as hell, but it's at least something. When I was skiing a lot, I would probably get out around 70+ times a season, depending on how long the winter lasted.

- I ski mostly blue/blacks prefering a steep black with quick turns to almost anything. I love the bumps and ski 'em as much as I can until my knees hurt. I like quick turns in trees and do a lot more short turns than long turns. Even with that being said I'd still prefer something that would suit the longer end of the short turn radius (that sounds weird, I hope you know what I mean).

- When I'm on runs that there's other people (I try and stay away from the jam-packed runs) more often than not I'm going faster than the people around me. I also like to point and laugh at them as I ski by, so a pair of bright gloves and possibly a megaphone would also be a nice touch.

thanks for the help, hopefully I've answered your questions.
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Anybody have any other ideas, or are the ones listed above pretty much what I should be looking for?
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Sorry to keep bumping the thread, but I was wondering what you guys think of the Volkl p50s? They seem to be pretty much what I'm looking for. Any length recommendations?
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Fischer RX8 in a 160 or 165, Atomic Metron:b5 in a 152 or 162, Elan S12 in a 165 or 170, Volkl EXP or 6* in a 168 or so.

Just some thoughts...
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Megaphones are always good.

I also think your ski level is higher than a typical high intermediate. Since you value quickness in the bumps and trees, I would stay in the low mid range (67-72 mm) underfoot. SX-9 and B1 are good. You could also try the Volkl 6*in 168, Fischer RX-8 in 165, Dynastar Skicross 9 or 10 in 170, Head iXRC 1100 SW in 170 (which is the ski I would try first).
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I agree with SSH, Volkl 6 star or EXP. If you want a little more flex try the 5 star. I Ski Fernie about 65 time a year and have a pair of 6 stars and would like to give the metron b5's a go but at this point it is a little too much $$$$$.
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Are the atomic metron m:9 skis something that I should steer clear of? I'm going on a trip next weekend where I'll hopefully be able to try out a couple, I'd just like to know which ones I should avoid for sure.
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Well guys, I decided to go with the dynastar skicross 09, 03/04 model. I got them for a great price ($169 brand new, with no bindings), but now I'm stuck considering which bindings to get. I'm sure that there are probably some that won't be compatible. I've always used Look/Rossi bindings but am willing to try just about anything that will work on these skis. Any opinions?

thanks again everybody
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I just went through this. My advise is to take the skis in to your local shop, and they will have some good inexpensive bindings and mount them for you.
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Hey guys, I can't thank you enough for your help, I was totally lost. Hopefully they'll come in time for next weekends ski trip at sunshine, I'll give you all an update.
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