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Reusch Gloves question?

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Anyone have any opinion on these. I have used them for years when I was younger then switched to a burton snow board type glove b/c it was a gift. I am thinking about going back to the leather Reusch gloves??? Are they still being made ok.

Who sells them online cheap???

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They are very good. They will last you a long time and keep you warm provided you have a roll or two of duck tape laying around : )
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That is great! My gloves are covered in duct tape! I rode the lift at Sugarbush a couple weekends ago with a guy that commented " If you ski like you keep your gloves you should be skiing Mad River!"
I love it!
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Use them, love them. Don't know an online dealer. The shop I got mine at no longer carries Reusch gloves, but they have a knock off from a former partner which are identical to the model I'm using. Going to buy a pair this week.
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Haven't seen these around locally for some time. Twenty years ago, they were all I saw while in Europe so I had to try them when I got home and I recall them being fairly common in local ski shops to the point where my wife picked up a pair of their mittens. I'm still using my -30s from that period so I'm unfortunately I'm in the same boat as you. I'll be following this thread.
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I found them on this site for 90.00. I did have another site that was elling them for 78.00 but can't locate it. They are VERY hard gloves to find in the states.

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The Germans tested some ski gloves for this season.
Reusch Jetstreamer Racing (the most expensive glove in the test, 140 EUR) failed in the "whole glove leak test", it just passed in the "whole glove breathability-test" and the seams were found "schlecht" = poor in the "liner-retention-test".
Other four criteria were excellent (2x) or very good.
Reusch Universum r-tex was good-excellent in all but one criteria.
Illuminatio Triple was somewhere between.
Among 16 gloves of 7 brands there was no one passing everything with "excellent". The best appered Hestra Army Leather but it failed the "seams"-criterion.
DSV Ski test 2005, Komfort und Funktion in einer Hand, p. 76-81 (printed version only, not available on the web)
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If you look at www.artechski.com you will find they carry Reusch gloves
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Guys here is that site I found for 78.00. Seem the best price I can find for the new Universum which is their best glove. But the site stated above is 70.00 so I guess I am beat by 8.00, lol.

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I love them, and they are all I use. I get mine from race-werks!
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The US Ski Team Pro leather gloves are probably the ones you are looking for...the jetstreamer is more of a true race glove.

www.reliableracing.com has the leather ones for $94 I believe, plus other similar gloves. I have a pair for a couple years now and they're the best gloves I've owned.
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I was spoiled with a pair of Reusch gloves when I was around 10 years old and since then I can't really stand anything else - although a few weeks ago I got a pair of leather Scott slalom gloves that are packing in nicely. The whole two piece glove/liner system never thrilled me since the liner always seemed to bunch up inside and never quite pack into the fingers all the way. I am blessed with really warm hands so a packed out pair of Reusch leather gloves that probably wouldn't keep someone else very warm gives me the best feeling grip on my poles.
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The Race Place also sells Reusch. http://www.ski-racing.com/
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After almost 20 years I switched from Reusch to Leki about 5 years ago b/c my GS gloves busted a knuckle seam. The local shop suggested Leki since a replacement wasn't readily available. I have been very happy with the Leki gloves. They remind me of my motorcycle gloves regarding protection and warmth.

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I really liked my Reusch Gore-tex gloves, but they started to wear out after a hundred and thirty or so days. Fortunately, I had bought a second pair of them because I liked them so much, but lost one of the second pair on the last day of the season. I still use them sometimes (just for downhills after skinning), one of the original pair with duct tape on a couple fingers, and one of the second pair. I'm still kicking myself for losing that glove, and for not buying a third pair of them while they were available on the cheap.




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Incredibly, I have seen these recently at Marhalls, heavily discounted.  They were more the racing variety, but still very nice.

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Costco has been known to carry Head gloves.

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Take a look at the Hestra line of gloves. Great quality and very warm. They are worth every $.

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