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Paging AC!!

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Man has anyone else noticed that with all the snow in Tahoe AC is nowhere to be found.

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He might have just turned into a snowman somewhere under a plow of snow
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well...I wouldn't say Nowhere!
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I think he said he was going to south America. did he leave yet?

Pow, Ryel and i remember being there when it snowed, huh guys?
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That's right. How could you get caught that close to the equator with all that snow back home. Ah if it was not for bad luck...

Lars, I'm ready to head back to The Slot for redemption anytime you want to go.

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If I had access to that much snow, you wouldn't hear from me either.
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I'd love to give you another shot Ed. I'm sure it would be a diferent outcome. I'd love to be wallowing in the 10 feet they got. Could you imagine?
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Originally Posted by Lars
Could you imagine?
Not even in my best dream...but i'll keep trying.
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