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Interesting article on Rossignol on the front page of today’s London-based ‘Financial Times’. Not usually the first place I look for ski news.

According to the pink ‘un , Quiksilver, the California-based clothing company, has approached Rossignol regarding a takeover.

Rossignol is the biggest ski & snowboard company with a quarter of the €1.57bn market. It’s a family business. The 78-year-old chairman is worried about succession. His two daughters are not interested in replacing him. Rossignol has been hit by three years of falling revenues in ski and snowboards.

Back page of the FT also discusses Rossi in the ‘Lex column‘. That reckons K2 looks ‘a more natural partner‘.

More :-

Rossi trades at 27 times earnings, which apparently makes a deal hard to justify. It blames one-off factors for low profitability but these have a tendency to recur year after year (warm winters ? macro-economic slump in Japan)

Over the last few years industry-wide ski sales have stabilised at 4.3m pairs. That is only half the level of the mid 1980’s.