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Seth Pistol

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Ihave searched the forum for info regarding SP but i couldn't find any fresh info.

I know its a pretty new ski but by this time a lot of peolpe must have skied it for a couple of days (for ex. SPINHELI?).

Please let me know if the ski is as soft as everybody says?

There is always people who want the ski to be as stiff as iron but when it come to the point they be better of with "spagetti" skis like Pocket Rocket (or Seth Pistol).

I am wating for a pair of SP 179cm mounted with Salomon S912Ti 1cm behind the centerline. What do you pros think about that solution when i rearly visit the park (mostly offpist).

Greatfull for some input!

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I've got a few friends that ride the Pistol. Everybody that I know loves them. Some have them set up with AT bindings, some just stick with alpine. I have heard very little bad about them and would like to get a few runs on some myself. For some pretty good reviews, might want to check the over at powdermag in the Tech Talk area, I remember some over there.
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They are siiiick!!! I have the PE's and they have the flu also

I would have probably mounted them center or +1 but thats me.

This is where you can get info about the SP'sfrom the source, Mike Gutt and Seth Morrison himself...

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The Seth rules! I have not bothered to ski any other skis for the last six weeks. Of course, it is a great ski off piste, but it also carves up the groomed surprisingly well, and is a awesome bump ski. I mounted mine with an unlifted binding (Marker Freerides) and have found it to be a super versatile ride every day here in Mammoth. My XRs, XPs and Enemas are feeling neglected. I ski the 169, and am about 5'7", 175lbs.
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Rode my 179's mounted at recommended center with 912 Ti's last Monday. Sick! How could you go wrong with these? BTW, my 179's spin just fine in the park. They also don't ski "soft" in my opinion...just solid. For reference, I am about the same size as Helispin.

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Thanks for all the input about SP.

Unfortunately my order was cancelled (no skis in stock for Europe).

Now i bought the brand new Head Matrix Mojo instead. This time i was lucky, because there is only 10 pairs for Sweden.

I have skied iM85 this winter and i am looking forward to test the "Mojos" for the first time next week. I will be back with some input if anybody is curios how this ski perform?

Best Regards

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