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Binding help guys!!!

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hey gang...

I have just about made my mind up on the Volant Machete FB @ 175. My question is what binding would go well on the 90mm waist. I don't really want to spend more than 75-100 bucks. Thanks for the help.

Oh I am 6 feet 205, aggressive tree line, fresh powder seeker, occassional soft bumps. My old skis have a DIN of 12 on them.
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for $75-100, you are almost limited to what you can find on Ebay. I would suggest Salomon drivers, they will be the easiest to adapt with a wide brake.
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well unless you buy Used you won't find any binding for you at that price. For Powder skiing there is only one system The Look/Rossie Pivot heal binding.
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Thanks guys will any of these work.....

Rossignol Axium series the 90 or 110 03' models?
Marker M1000 EPS?
Look Nova 10?
Salamon C610?

All are under 100.00 at my disposal. If they aren't a good choice can you recommend a specific model that will go well on the Volant FB platform.

I will try to spend most of my time skiing tree line and open powder but I do enjoy cruising through the soft bumps and crud. I am not sure if I need a strict "powder" binding.
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The Rossignol Axium 110 binding is a decent binding. It has the same toe as their upper-end binding and a heel with decent performance. I would choice it over the other bindings on your list.
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Thanks Rio...what would be an ideal binding for the ski say in the 150.00 range?
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Is there a Gart store nearby? go there. You'll find a very good binding in your price range. If not in your area go on line www.gartsports.com Denver Sports Castle is the main store. AKA Oshamns, The SportsAuthority, Sportmart.
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I will have to do this all online unfortunatley. I am from the east but have moved to Miami and the ski shops down here, well, there are none, LOL.

I will order a specific binding online with help from the bros here I hope before my trip to Vail...

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please be careful buying a low end binding for a high performance ski. matching the binding to the ski will generally lead to a more enjoyable experience out on the hill. this ski will let you ski faster in variable terrain and conditions than you normally would. this means you should really be buying a binding with excellent release technology, a higher DIN range, and secondary systems built in to help the binding discern what are "release-necessary" situations and what are "just bombing down the hill" situations.

you saved a bundle on this ski - why not dump closer to $200 into a binding to get what you really need?

spending so little on the binding is like buying z-rated tires for a hyundai.
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