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How much to demo 05 skis?

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Does anyone know what it costs to demo new skis? I'm not 100% sold on purchasing yet and I'd like to try out what's new this year. I'll be in Whistler when I demo. Thanks!
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Here are a few web links to answer your question...


The best thing about renting from Whistlerblackcomb.com is that you can try different skis through out the day. They have several on mountain locations where you can exchange for a different pair of skis.

I demoed 4 pair of ski in one day when I was at Whistler several years ago. Of course the selection only includes a few brands, Atomic, Salomon, Rossignol but it will give you an idea of what to look for in a ski.
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I just got back from there and with exchange rates, 5 days of rentals came out to about 25$ per day...I think it's about 28 if you do 1 day. I got them from Whistler sports next to affinity.
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While you'd have to factor in the exchage rates, I demo'd the top of the line Volkls w/ Technica boots at Mammoth for $54 a day.
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Mammoth for $54 a day.
Holy mother of god!

I dont own a pair of skis that cost me more than four days at that price!
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Well, the Volkl's I demo'd were about $1100 and the boots were $725...I think the poles were $10 POS's though...
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