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2002 - 2003 race skis??

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Does anyone out there know what the race lines are going to look like for next season?? Last season at this time there was information out regarding some of the new skis that were going to be out for this season, but i havent heard anything yet. Im interested in dimensions, new technologies, etc. It's always nice to know what i will be skiing on next season (I'm primarily interested in salomon, both slalom and gs). Anyone who has any info, please share it if you can...
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The 02/03 Stocklis

Laser SL tail to tip .. 90-63-107

radius/length .. 13/150, 14/156, 15/162 & 17/168

Laser GS tail to tip .. 88-64-104

radius/length .. 18/168, 21/174, 21/180, 23/186 & 25/192

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Also note that the GS and SL for the Stockli 2003 skis will have a "Power Control System" that will allow better (faster) transfer of energy to the edge. It's an additional metal inlay under the middle 1/3 of the ski.
The Junior versions will be indentical in graphics, just minus the inlay. Also the VTS tip is better because it covers the entire tip of the ski (for gate contact).
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For Volkl the F1 turns into GS race and changes colours. It also will come with the Piston Control system on it.

The SL turns into the SC race and gets a few more mm on each end. 111, 65, 93, (I'm not sure about the tail dimension).
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Yuki ,

What about future of Laser SC ?
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The Laser SC will be offered again next year.
Same graphics/side cut. The 188 cm will not return in the line-up.
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Looks like the Laser SC may be gone.... by name but, replaced by the Spirit Pro.

The Stockli folks may have looked at the line and decided that too many skis had the same cut since the dimensions of the Sky Carve II and the SC were the same for the 02 line. The difference was that the SC had a wood core while the Carve II had the iso-core.

The Spirit Pro is not part of the "race line" but has the wood core of the SC, sandwich energy race system, race edges and race graphite base.

The dimensions for all of the above were 92-62-108....... and the radius is/was the same for the respective lengths of the 02's & 03's.

My son is psyched over the GS Jr.... and the new profile .... looks more carve and lay it over than last years ... the new one is ... 88-64-104.

Last year the SLJ for kids was limited to 138 period. This year the Jr. SL will be available in 138 & 144.

I just noticed Doc's post .... that the SC will be here ..... Stockli has posted one thing and done another on occasion.... my stuff is from the info package I got last week.

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The SC would have gone for 03', but the American market was strong enough to support one more year. As you noticed, the GS will gradually evolve toward the an SC sidecut. Stockli would not be inclined to make two identical skis if they didn't have to. The SC isn't as popular in Europe as it is in the US. The SC in a 158 has been a hot race ski for the "not so World Cup" athlete. That line enjoyed more attention in the shorter lengths, so that's why the 188 will be gone in 03'. And yes, the SC did not appear in the new 2002/03 catalog. But's it's around.

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yuki & Doc Co

Some questions more :
- what is diference ( in ski performance ) between iso and wood core , Sky Carve II versus Laser SC ?
- what do you recommend ( from new Stockli line ) for my wife: 5.1 , 110 lbs advanced skier ?

Thank you.
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The basic differences between wood and ISO is that wood is more damp and can return higher energy. The ISO is somewhat lighter and snappy. The SkyCarve II will not be offered next year, however the Spirit Pro (03') will be like the SC. You might want to consider the 03' Spirit V. It has a longer sidecut and ISO. The Spirit Pro will have wood. I would also consider the Easyrider. It's wood, cap construction and a 110 mm shovel. It's rocks! Very light and stable, would be perfect for the person you've described.

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