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Just order Atomic R10. Did I get the right size?

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Hello, all.

I am a newby around here. I came across this forum just minutes after ordering some Atomic R10's in 180 length.

I did a search, but did not find exactly what I need to know.

Here is my profile: Live and ski in the West (Idaho). 5' 11", 185-190 lbs depending on the day, 38 years old. I would consider myself an aggressive intermediate skier. I guess my definition of this is that I try to keep up with more skilled skiers, but my technique is not always "correct".

I enjoy skiiing all parts of the mountain, with my time spent probably 60% on groomed and 40% off trail.

I have been skiing for about 8-9 years, and have been using Olin Radius K (1998) in 185 length.

After reading some posts I found by searching, i started to second guess my purchase. Would I be more happy/comfortable on 170 lengths skis, or did I do ok with my 180 purchase?


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I think you can probably handle the 180s but the 170 would have been a more versatile and funner length.

If you like hopping in the trees or the occasional bump run the 180s may be alot of work and not be as quick edge to edge as the 170s.
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It's really personal preference, but I think the 180's will be fine.
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It will be good. I'm 5 10 180-85 and I love that ski in 180. If it were a R11 you might find it a bit much at your level but the R10 is more forgiving and should do great for you.
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Wow, thanks for the quick replys. I have really learned a lot after discovering this forum. Skis certainly have changed in the few years since my previous ski purchase. (I can only justify having one pair of skis at a time)

I am planning on returning the 180's and getting 170's, based on my ability. It will only cost me $15 in additional shipping from Sierra Trading Post.

Thanks again.

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I think you made the correct decision.

I originally had R11s in 170s and I was 5'7" 170-180 and I could handle them but then I had a warranty issue and got the 160s instead.

They were one of my favorate skis.
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You're a big guy, the 170 would definitely be too short. The 170's will not be versitle enough - not enough ski at speed and on rougher snow.
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I'm your size and ski the R11 in 170cm, I have the 10.20 in 170cm. The R10 is a bit softer but I think you will be happier on the 170cm. IMO a lot of people are on skis that are to long for them. They just don't have the skills to ski shorter skis. Do yourself a favor and take a lesson after you get the shaped skis.
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I like longer skis. I can ski shorter skis, but it's not as fun for me. Just a matter of preference I guess. I only ski shorter than 179's when I'm going into the trees that day. Then again I like long, fast turns. I think 180's a good length, especially for out west.
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