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Mt Bohemia

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Skied there Sunday for the first time. Cool!
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Where be that? Details? This thread leaves me wanting.
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Agreed - any trip details?
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It's almost at the tip of the Keewinaw Penninsula of the UP. About 5 miles from Copper Harbor.
They've built a few cabins but most of the places up there are summer oriented. Houghton is about an hour's drive.
As U.P. Racer says, in Best Midwest thread, "it's lift served back country"
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Anything about trails, conditions, crowds (that last one was a joke...)
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
Skied there Sunday for the first time. Cool!
Since the Czech Republic consists of BOHEMIA, Moravia and Silesia, it´s really nice to read that.
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OK you got me.

I ski 25-30 days a year split between Lutsen MN and the West.

I have stayed away from Bohemia, because if I wanted to drive, Bohemia is 8-9 hours, and I can get to RedLodge in 12 or Briger in 14.

But the pictures got me on the web site.

I will get there soon.
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