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elan s12

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I demoed a pair of s12's fusions @ 168 last week and loved them(I'm 6' 190 and live in the east).They did every thing I asked them to do.But I have ?'s.

1) How much difference between the 04 s12 & the 05 fusion(skiability)

2) is there a 05 flat s12 (not fusion ,use any binding) and will it be that noticeable from the fusion

3) on the 05 fusion are your only choices the marker and the tyrolia bindings
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Fusion is much better than flat, IMO. Better stability (close to a race ski) and smoother. There is an 05 flat S12, but it isn't as popular as the Fusion for the aformentioned reason. If you have an 04' S12 Fusion, you have to use Marker, and on the 05' S12 Fusion, you have to use Tyrolia.
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