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Who's Attending ESA 2005 & Additional Days Skiing

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Is there a list of attendees, and what additional days they'll be sking? Anyway, here's my schedule. If there's no other schedule set up and if this all aligns well when viewed on screen, you can cut and paste to add in your schedule too. Thanks, Paul

Name -----------|----- Arrive -----|Days Skiing Before ESA | Days Skiing After ESA|Other Comment -----------------
JimmyD_________|Fri :45p________|Sat,Sun_____________ |Fri _______ ________ |
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planning to arrive Sun mid-pm

currently not planning to ski pre-ESA but open to skiing on the pre-ESA Sunday at Bridger w/ others, if anyone else is interested

post-ESA will ski Fri at Bridger
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arriving Sunday late morning
hope to ski a half day on Sunday, but have to leave Friday morning
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We hope to arrive on saturday but who can tell...life is good.
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Already there. Plan to ski Bridger or Big Sky the Saturday before, Moonlight on Sunday and Bridger on Friday.

Ryel -

Are you driving or flying?
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Arriving on Saturday afternoon. Plan to ski at Big Sky on Sunday. Leaving Friday afternoon. I can't wait!

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Arriving on Sunday, planning to ski Jackson Hole for a couple days before. Not sure what we're doing afterwords, I'll be there with xdog1 and some other friends that are not participating in the Academy.
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Arriving on Saturday afternoon. Planning on skiing Big Sky sunday. BTW aren't we spliting the groups on Sunday?
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Sunday evening we will form groups and confirm their accuracy Monday on the snow. The student surveys should be a big help!
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Tim and I will arrive Saturday evening, plan to ski with the group Sunday at Moonlight, then plan to ski Friday at Bridger with nolo and Rio.
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Will arrive with son Willie on Wed and ski thereafter.
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Hi-looking forward to a great time. Never been to Montana outside of Glacier NP. Totally psyched.

Flying into Bozeman about midnight on Saturday. Appears that's too late to catch a shuttle to Big Sky-so can anyone refer me to the best place for a non-threatening looking happily married guy to get a beer in Bozeman about 1:00 a.m 1/23/05?
Please note my non-threatening aspects are limited solely to looks, so biker bars are totally cool.

Gonzostrike-I'm definitely interested in skiing Bridger on Sunday. Let's do it!
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Will not ski pre, but will ski Bridger post. Not Fri. though, legs will need a day of rest. Sat. more likely. Then up to Missoula to see friends and ski a day or 2.
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Sounds good, Ganjala. Let's keep asking folks if they want to join, we may get more takers as the time nears.

xdog1, are you planning on skiing Snowbowl when you're in zootown?
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Originally Posted by Rio
Ryel -

Are you driving or flying?
We are driving up from Portland Oregon. Hope to hook up with Snomore to share the drive but we will see. Hows MT?
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Montana is wintry.

I'm talking with group sales next week. Will advise. Daily ticket price is $37--we'll shave a few bucks off that figure. PSIA members get a special deal--I'll investigate and report back.
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Ryel -

This part of Montana is holding up pretty well. The annual Xmas siege of Bridger by the Flatlanders managed to scrape much of the base off the steeps there but we're getting snow to replenish it.

Some friends were at Big Sky Sunday and were please to find the coverage was better than expected. They said they found good coverage on the groomers, the dictator chutes off the tram, Shedhorn Chair and Big Rock Tongue. The glade runs on Andesite need another foot or two to cover the stumps but were skiable. The bummer was the traverse to Liberty bowl were unskiable and the usual rock fields off the Challenger Chair were exposed.
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Well, I wish I was posting that I'll be there and skiing Friday at Bridger. Unfortunately I can't get that week off so here I stay in snow/cold starved Western PA. I was looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones too.

Hey yunz guys, makes some turns for me and wish some snow for your eastern bear buddies. Have fun, gang.
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So, Ryel--

I understand you have a better roommate than me for the week of ESA. But it sounds like you are still interested in driving over there together? PM me, if you get a chance.
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Who's pre-skiing Update

From the preceding posts it looks like the following people will be pre-skiing before ESA 2005:

JimmyD (me, Paul Dunning) - Big Sky
Ryel - Possibly, Big Sky?
Rio - Big Sky or Bridger
scuppers and son - Big Sky? Is that correct?

JimmyD - Big Sky
Skier31 - Big Sky
Nando - Big Sky
Gonzo - Bridger
Ganjala - Bridger (if survives biker bar)
Rio - Moonlight
ssh and Tim - Moonlight

Please post a Reply if you are pre-skiing, aren't included above, and would like to meet up with others.

I'll plan on leaving an EpicSki "Who's Here?" sheet at the check-in desk. So if and when you arrive, you can:
1) check to see who has already arrived.
2) put your name on this list so that others can check out when you've arrived.

Or is there a better way to coordinate the pre ESA skiing?

Also, I'm arriving at 6:42pm on Friday night. I’m planning on taking the shuttle. The schedule for BZN to Big Sky is 9:30am, 10:15am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:00pm, 8:30pm, 11:00pm, 12:00 midnight. It looks like it’s $30.00 one way or $50.00 round trip. They have point-to-point delivery to the Huntley, saving $5.00/$10.00 over their door-to-door alternative.

Note, you have to make a shuttle reservation 48 hours in advance, and it requires VISA, MC, or a call to their number to arrange some other sort of guarantee.


The alternative is the taxi which is $65.00 for first plus $5.00 per additional fare.
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my arrival date/time has changed. I'm picking up Zorro at Bozo Airport on Saturday evening, so I'm ready to ski somewhere on the Saturday and Sunday BEFORE the ESA starts.

I might want to switch my preferences to Bridger on Saturday, Moonlight on Sunday. Ganjala, any issues with that?
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No sweat gonzo. I am jonesing to ski Bridger,though, and Sunday's my only chance. So I'll probably stick with that, but see you at the cocktail party either way.
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Paul, my plans have changed since I have shifted into the role of videographer for the ESA. As a result, I'll be skiing with the coaches on Sunday. Tim has elected to save his strength for the ESA, and won't be skiing Moonlight on Sunday, either.
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I'll be slummin' with the coaches on Sunday, also. If I was to choice a place to ski on Sunday I'd opt for Bridger due to its coverage. Gonz, you probably could get Casey to show you around.
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I'll be skiing at Big Sky Sunday, although I'll be taking it easy as these East Coast lungs will be working a bit harder then usual!
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I arrive saturday and will try to get some in sat afternoon and sunday at big sky.
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Will discount lift tix be available on Sunday at Big Sky?
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Yes, you can get the discount ticket on Sunday. I will be ordering tickets today and will ask how, if you don't know this minute whether you'll be skiing Big Sky Sunday, you can get the discount ticket, and report back. I hope that sentence makes sense!
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nolo, I probably won't be skiing Big Sky on Sunday - I'll be with Gonzo, trying out my new skis.

(oh, did I mention I had new skis? )
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Arriving Saturday evening. Will ski Big Sky on Sunday if I finally feel better, otherwise, will spend the day in bed.
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