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buyin 1st pair of skis

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hey guys,
THis is my first thread and I wanna say whats up to every1 and I think this forum is great. Now to business - - My dad bought me skis last season and they're only able to hold 150 lbs the guy said. Now to give u a little background about my skiing I'm 15 and have been skiing well pretty much all my life. I do ski pretty much anything I want to anywhere, maybe not looking pretty at the sametime but I can make it down whatever I want to. I've been out west to Utah once and my dad and I plan on makin anual trips out west from now on. I skied everything there was, hiked everything we could hike did it all in utah. Mostly I ski east coast though considering I live in NY but mostly ski vermont stuff. I can carve, I ski bumps w/ comepetence - obviously still trying to perfect the technique but I can ski any bump run fairly pretty haha. I love the bumps, the powder and deffinitely some tree skiing. Basically without being conceided I'm a very good skier and I love skiing. Well since I put on some weight since last year I need knew skis and I'm alsmot done growing so I want to get a very good pair of skis - nothing TOO expensive but a high priced pair of skis I'll deffinitely look into. I'm also in the market for boots if you have any suggestions for boots as well I'd greatly appreciate that. Thanks for the time

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First, paragraphs are your firend.

How often do you hit the park? What do you really want to focus on? That might make a difference.

I would look into the k2 public enemys- Ive seen them new for $300- but I would live in the park if I were out east.
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haha sry 'bout no paragraphs

I actually never spend time in the park at all I'm all about skiing the steeps and moguels. At this point I just wanna focus on getting better haha I mean I LOVE the moguels but at the sametime I LOVE the steeps.
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