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20+ (SIlverton 1, Purgatory 1, backcountry.. 5?, the rest at Copper)

If you're not falling, you're not trying.
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13 so far (#14 on Thursday). Hey Vinn- how was Silverton?
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28 since Nov 1st. Falls? Don't count. 5 or 6?
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11 days so far, but an MCL injury took me out for two weeks, and I couldn't convince my wife that we really didn't need to see her mom in Florida, so I spent another two weeks in the palm trees dreaming about snow.
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22 day's under my yellow helmet. One with Phil, the rest with hairybones. Only a few of small fall's, nothing big yet...
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18 days so far - a couple of stupid falls on telemark gear.
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10 days so far (2 at Loveland, 1 at Keystone, 1 at Eldora, 2 at Mary Jane, 4 at Copper).

Falls -- about 5, all on that single knee-deep powder day at Copper several weeks ago.
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3 at killington
5 at whistler I'll be in CO in 2 weeks!!!!
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only 2 so far. Conditons here suck, and I can't get enough days off to go up north yet. Yick.
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14 so far and one very large fall which slow down getting much in January
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5 days tomorrow. Conditions are rough.
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20 days so far, falls, 1 or 2 little ones.
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XC Touring 5 days
XC Skating 2 days
Alpine touring 5 days
Alpine skiing 11 days

no falls but tweaked a knee anyway
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30+ days. Lost track. about 25% in the BC.

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I don´t count mine exactly, quality goes over quantity, but 80+ for sure.
Out of 80, 50 would be in the Alps and 30 in Czech mountains.
I would like to have more but it´s the maximum my knees and hips allow.
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7 days +3 coming MLK weekend. 2 falls so far.
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24 days at killington so far
winter is just beginning......
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Originally Posted by jlb
25 days, and if you're not falling, you're not learning!
I agree with the falling statement.

9 days here and about 5 falls!
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6 days so far...
3 Solitude, 1 Brighton, 1 Alta and 1 Camelback.
Only fall that hurt (sore/stiff neck) was at Alta...had to pay my dues. :-)
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12 days and looking forward to more. Should have almost twice that by the end of the month.

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4 sadly. But even more sadly, 3 of them with very mediocre conditions.
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27. Nice swan dive day 20... last 7 with bruised ribs. 4 days to heal...
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Originally Posted by dp
Hey Vinn- how was Silverton?
Triple A rating: awesome, absolutely amazing

Was there for the opening day and skied waist deep powder (someone questioned whether it was waist deep.. all I know is when I fell I was up to my waist in snow.) Shhhhhhhhhhh - don't tell anyone about the place.



Let me know if you ever wanna go - I'd love to try to put together a group of 8 sometime in late Feb.
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I have only gone 2 so far I hope to go more, but this weather in WV is pathetic right now! I went to Wisp twice. One day it was 20 degrees and they were blowing snow and the other day was Jan 1st. Not too busy for the new year. No snow blowing though cause it was in the 50's! I felt like I was spring skiing in January. Come back 'ol man winter!!
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16 Days with 7 of those days in fresh powder of some measurment. Falls - I try to fall every turn, and most of the time my skis are there to hold me up.
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Should have #5 tomorrow - 6 or 7 by the end of the week.
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29. No falls since yesterday.
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Only 8, but with the powder around Tahoe and the dumps at Lutsen closer to home, I have been happy.

Maybe the 20 still on the schedule keep me going
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Only 9 but some good ones in there:

1- Solitude - Powder
1- Brighton - Powder
5 - Telluride - Powder
2- Wolf Creek - Powder

Falls? At least 1 a day...If I don't fall them I am not skiing hard enough..
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Originally Posted by vinn


Let me know if you ever wanna go - I'd love to try to put together a group of 8 sometime in late Feb.

Your link is bad! I wanna see! I'll be at Silverton Feb 24-25, maybe well see ya there (or at least hear the hooting and hollering!)
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