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how many ski days?

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Just wondering how many ski days everyone has been racking up? I've got 11 days and no falls.......yet.
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2 days. Aweful year so far. Could bave had more, but conditions weren't worthy.

One (stupid) fall, at Okemo, rock + ice= bruised elbow.
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25 days, and if you're not falling, you're not learning!
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9 days so far...lam-0 year.....butt to ice 1x.
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Three trips were scheduled and all three have been pushed back. I have been out one lousy day so far.
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I've also got 9 days so far. Not bad for someone living in the DC 'burbs, but no amount is too much.
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11 days tomorrow. Mostly in massachusetts except for the ETU
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9 days, abruptly ended on Friday after I tested the sharpness of my skis against my leg after only 2 hours on the slope. And Friday was the best conditions so far this year. Now I have to wait for the stitches to be removed before adding any more time.
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12 days - would be more if the road conditions would improve. going out later this week. early snow and lots of it in california.
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27 Days so far, I'm trying to ignore how much my leg has been hurting since I fell Cat Skiing in the Monashees on the 30th
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33 so far, about 6 of which were backcountry.
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Fifteen or so "days" on skis, but some of my days amount to an hour and a half of skiing before work.

Probably four or five falls. I fall pretty often.

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8 days in JH.
Don't measure how many times you fall,measure how big your smile is.
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9 or 10 (including ETU)
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9 days but it should have been 11. I didn't ski this past weekend because of the weather.
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19 so far, the only one I know of with more days so far skis with a yellow helmet.
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14 days so far. I'm not proud, I'll ski on anything.
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17 days for me, and I echo BillA's sentiment.
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15 days so far--I watched a pretty good fall and had an "almost" myself.
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Tomorrow will be day 30 for me.
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Only 5, all last week. The snow is so thin and the skiing so bad here I'm considering going on strike.
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12 - conditions are terrible here
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15 days so far, skied hard pack, ice,cookies and powder so far this year, If you are not falling you are not skiing!
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3 - all out West
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Only 2 days (1 night, 1 afternoon) so far. It was too crowded to spend any more time during the holidays. I was looking forward to going night skiing this week after work but conditions are getting pretty bad. The forecast for N. Carolina mountains is for 10 straight days of above normal temps. The lows are not even going to be below freezing. It might be a couple of weeks before things get back to normal weather wise around here.
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3 days so far...only 1 that was good.

Usually have 12-15 by now. My 40+ day average will go down after this season. Usually, when the midwest has a slow start the season also ends early. Have to plan a trip to Reno to see my new grandson.....soon.
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10 days- a lot of local hills are closed due to a week of temps hovering around 40F and scattered rain. Started getting into the park more this year, so falls are off the charts.
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7 days

1 - Beech Mountain
2 - Keystone
3 - Loveland
4 - 7 Winter Park

was going to ski this week in NC before I went to school, but after being out west I can't imagine going back to slush/ice this soon.
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3 pow filled days, 21 hours of driving. falls.. I gave up counting ages ago.

If you're not falling you are skiing like a Pu***.

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Only 5 so far... 2 at Loveland, 3 at Copper. 1 sorta fall when a misadjusted demo ski fell off. A real one in the 18" of fresh a few weeks ago.
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