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advice for Banff

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I am a medical student going to work at Banff hospital. I will be in banff for 6 weeks from start of march. I have to work at the hospital for two of the weeks.

My question is should I ski all of march and work the start of april, or ski for two weeks, work the last two weeks in march, and then ski the first two weeks in april? (wondering if the snow is significantly better in march than april)

thanks for your help guys.
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a bit of a crap shoot either way, might be warm and spring like, might be -30'C, might be 3 feet of fresh.
Avoid easter (Mid to late March?) due to crowds
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Spring Break for the Calgary schools (origin of most of the congestion) will be from March 25 to April 3. The snow should be pretty good at Sunshine and Louise for most of your trip, since it usually holds up until late April. Keep in mind that a lot of the other hills will be shutting down at the end of the Spring Break period, so if you want reasonably good conditions at Kicking Horse or Marmot, you may want to make those trips early. Lake Louise and Sunshine will be open until May.
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