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Today I got to the local (good) ski shop to try out some boots. The guy there was very helpful. I tried on a Salomon, a Rossignol, and the Nordica B-7. As it turned out, the Nordica (which is a 2003 model, for the record) was the one that fit me most comfortably and correctly. All the boots, I should add, were within a price range with an upper limit of just about 150 dollars. The other two came in at the top of that range, while the Nordica snuck in at $119.

Anyway, when I asked, the guy, who seemed genuinely interested in helping me find a good boot for the price, said that it provided good support and would allow me to continue to grow into it as I improved. Indeed, it was stiffer than the other ones I tried, but was by no means a concrete-like fit. It certainly did feel more "right" on my feet. It also helps, apparently, that I am quite small and light (120 pounds), which allows me to do better with a lower-end boot than I might otherwise.

So, my question is... does anybody know anything about this boot, and is it a good choice for someone of lower-intermediate skill who hopes to improve over the next season? I was quite pleased by the attitude of the bootfitter, who made me walk around quite a bit in the boots.

I have to admit that I'm pretty well sold by both the fit of this boot and the fact that it is within my price range, but if anyone thinks I might be making a serious error, advice is appreciated.