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Ski Care ?

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I bought a set of k2 4500 escapes a few weeks ago and have gotten a few knicks and scratches on the top surface. I was just wondering if there is any way to repair this? Maybe a coat of polyeurathane(sp?)? Also, what do you guys use to sharpen your skis? Just a diamond stone?
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Hi Sean,

Welcome to Epic.

I would just cover the tops with duct tape.

For the edges, there was just a thread on that 2 days ago, "homemade photo guide to tuning your skis."

You might try the search function, it's swell.
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Nicks in the top sheet are nothing to worry about. Unless they are down to the core. Next time your in the lift line take a look at all the nicks in the top sheet on the skis around you.

As for turning go to www.tognar.com Tognar Toolworks. order there catalog. Another good place to go is www.artechski.com for Artech Racing out of NH.

There has been a lot of talk here lately about tuning, I use the MoonFlex diamond stones, not cheap but boy are they great. I use a 200 grit and 600 grit. Mostly use just the 200 grit. A small panzar file, and SVST edge guide. A buudy just bought the Swix 1.0 degree base tool, that seems to work will but I don't touch the base edge much.

Becareful with the panzar file it will remove a lot of edge quickly.
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For the deep gouges in the top sheets, I use epoxy. Shallow ones - I don't worry about.

For tuning, make a search on epicski: you will find dozens of threads.
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