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Update on injury - rdy2ski

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So the face is healing great, the staples in my head come out Wed and I have surgery on my hand on Thursday...busy week! Feeling much better and happy to be getting this corrected. Thanks again for all the kind words and good thoughts.


sorry, i posted to the wrong forum
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Lisa, hope the surgery goes well. Thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.
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where did you want it?
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Hows your son? Sounds like you got the worst of this??
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Keep getting better! Glad to hear things are improving. Please, keep us posted.

Thinking of ya'

- HT
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Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery Thanks for the update!
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Keep the faith, Lisa! We're all cheering for you!
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Originally Posted by skier_j
Hows your son? Sounds like you got the worst of this??
Son is great! He mumbled a few expletives, was finally convinced to take some ibuprofen and basically said, "whoa dude (slipped with that because of stress I think) we need to take pictures!" :

He's one tough egg..plus the one carting me around to all the docs, doing the grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, etc. The 14 yr old gets to do dishes and and "baby" mom.

They are awesome.
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Welcome to the injured reserve list.
Get well soon.

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Hi Lisa-----you sound good ! I thought the staples added that gnarly kind of "don't fool with me dude" look. Good Luck on Thur. Having skied with you and your son, my advise is as follows.

#1----Get the surgery done
# 2---buy some Duct Tape for the wrist
#3---Give it a week then go skiing, and try not to play bumper cars with "L" !!!!

Seriously---hang in there and get well soon.....
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