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Ok, as most of you probably know, my boots got lost and subsiquently jacked before any staff or patrol could pick them up. Unless they turn up by Friday, I haveta get a new pair. Being a poor high school student who has a guilt complex about spending large amounts, I'd like to keep the costs down. I'm looking at the Head EZ on 6.5 in a size 10 mens. I should be able to get them for around 160+tax at my local shop. My last boots were the Axis ZX 54 (that probably doesn't help much because from what I can figure, Axis is a local brand). I'd like to think I'm a high end intermediate. I ski all blues and the one black mogul run my hill offers with confidence, do quite a bit of jumping, but I don't haul by most people's standards. I'm 5'7" 110-115 lbs. Is this going to be enough boot for me for the forseeable future? Thanks for your help.