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boot question from one of our newer members

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I'm a new member - joined as I was doing research for some new equipment.
I haven't bought boots in 10+ years and am now in the market for new equipment. never had boots properly fit and I want to do it right this time. Unfortunately, in Montreal, I don't seem to really have a local shop to turn to. I'll be in Toronto this weekend and was contemplating a trip to Surefoot, my concern being that neither of their two closest outlets is very close (that and Killington are 4-5 hours) if I need to return for more tuning.

I suppose I could also go to Inner Bootworks in Stowe, as that's a bit closer.

My questions are:

1) is it worth it for an advanced intermediate, just returning after a few years hiatus, whi will ski 10-12 days if I'm lucky, to go to the expense of a top bootfitter?
2) Is it enough to go and get them fit, or does it have to be easy for me to go back for further adjustments? As far as I know I have a pretty normal foot and no injuries or other conditions that should make me a difficult fit.

Thanks in advance.



My response is Yes!! it's worth the effort and expense. Your boots will fit better, Proper fit will usually avoid lots of pain, and the feedback from the snow will help your skiing and the quick energy transfer to the snow from your feet will help in your skiing all around. It's like having power steering and a tight steering box.

A good bootfitting would be a long term investment. If you get custom beds they are transferable to new boots when you purchase them. Also the first time you get a fitting you will know what kind of things or issues you might have down the road and things to remember when you shop for your next upgrade. My choice in VT would be GMOL but I'm sure you can find a good fitter and recommendations from others.
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This was my question, that dchan was nice engough to answer and post here. Since then, I've actually had some good independant recommendation for Inner Bootworks at Stowe. Given that they're only a couple of hours away, that seems a reasonable option.

Anyone else had any experience with them?
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Inner boot works got a thumbs up from Jonathan S and made AC's list..
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Ex*** , just one from experience...

Make the appointment for first thing in the morning, you'll be able to make a couple of runs before noon, go back into the shop and tell them of any pressure points like too high of an arch support or whatever, they'll correct it and go back out to ski and back if they are still not right and that way you'll be able to get it all done in one day without neccesitating a return trip.

If you need to buy new boots, do that the day before if you can so as not to take up time with that on the day of bootfitting.

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Thanks for the advice. That's along the lines of what I was planning to get the most out of my trip.
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