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Jay Peak This week!

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I will be heading north will my college club and will ski Jay Jan 5 6 7 8.

Hows the Mt look? Hows the snow?

Anyone want to meet? (19y/o, Lev 7/8)
I will be rockin' a bright orange Phenix coat, metron B5's, and black helmet. Give me a yell.

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Unless they get some serious snow you will be on some sketchy coverage.

They went from 56 trails to 31 in one day because of the rain.
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Don't expect much

I am just back from Stowe yesterday, it's about 50 minutes south of JP. So I think my experience would be applicable to JP as well.
Stowe was _horrible_. We just came for New Year's holidays, and skied on 31 and 1st. It was rining on 31 and all that froze overnight, so on 1st is was pure ice. Really. Not a shread of snow, it really was a skating rink. They should have been refunding the tickets on that day, really.
On 2nd we did not ski, clearly a waste of money, and it started raining again.
Now for several days the temperature will be below freezing point, so they may be able to make some snow.

But generally, don't get your hopes high for these dates. Not going to be great, that's for sure.
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I'll be at Stowe Jan. 7-10. I sure hope conditions improve between now and then, b/c we've already bought our tickets and booked the condo!

the forecast is looking better after today...cold temps, 40-50 percent chance of snow some days: http://weather.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/iwszone?Sites=:vtz006

here's the forecast for Jay, very similar: http://weather.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/iwszone?Sites=:vtz003
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Both mountains are in rough shape after last week.

I wish the best for both of your trips.

Here is a pic of Stowe from last Saturday.

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This time last year our club went to Jay and it was the coldest skiing of my life. I could litteraly do only one run at a time. Its's crazy how things can change from year to year.
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Yes...I have booked condo and tickets at Jay over MLK weekend. We were there last year at the same time and there was pleantly of snow but very cold. This year is looking bleak for decent snow. Ratherbsking.....Could you make a trip report when you return next week. Thanks in advance.
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MLK for the past two years have been nasty cold.

I was up at Tremblant in 2003 and it was the coldest weather I have ever been in.

Jay has gone from 56 trails on December 29th to 31 trails on December 31st and now 26 as of today.

Looks like possible snow on Thurs but next week looks like crap right now.
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26 trails................argh!
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I will pray for snow for you. As others said, Jay was demolished by that darn rain Friday and then the freezing rain on Sunday. We skied yesterday and it was pretty bad. Some of the groomed was nice, some wasn't. The worst thing is that anything not groomed was covered in ice from the freeezing rain, so you didn't want to do anything that might take you off the groomed (like fall and slide). The entire East Coast is hurting, so it's not like there's a "better" place to go...unless you go West.

I live about 45 minutes from Jay. Today we got some flurries amounting to a dusting and it's cold. They should be making snow, since it's cold enough. There is snow in the forecast this week. Let's hope it dumps...which CAN and often DOES happen.

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thanks for your prayers, thatsagirl! they were answered :-) conditions were good this past weekend at Stowe, especially on Friday after Thursday's snow. we were there from Thurs. night through Monday morning, and they had their best conditions of the season thus far, according to the folks I talked to who work there.
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Woohoo! Glad you had a good time!

And there's more snow on the way, for anyone who's wondering...

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