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Would you pay to watch WC ski racing? - Poll

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If you had (or have) digital cable or satellite tv, would you be willing to pay to be able to see all of the men's and/or women's events?

I tried to post a poll, but when I finished typing all my stuff, it said I had to post the poll within 1 minute of starting the thread. I can't type that fast!!!:

So just go ahead and answer; Would you pay?

Since it's not a poll, just tellus how you feel about paying. How much? Or would you rather just do it on a pay-per-view basis for specific races (could be kind of pricey this way)?
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I'd pay between $100 and $125 for the season.

Of course, this assumes that I would pay for cable or satellite, which I currently refuse to do - the money can go toward skiing and cycling.
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Just to answer my own question. Heck yeah, I'd pay. I'd probably ask for it as my Christmas present. Even if it came out of my own pocket, I'd probably cough up between $100-$150 (maybe more, if the commentary on top of it was good).

In response to what Songfta posted on the other thread, I wouldn't even care if it was tape delayed, as long as it was within 24 hours of the actual event. That way, they could just buy someone else's coverage and repackage it with English speaking commentary. Depending on when it aired, I'd record it on my TiVo if necessary.
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I'd pay around $100.
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Yes I would pay for the privelage and the opportunity to watch an entire ski race season.

NASCAR, NFL, NHL (Ha Ha Ha Ha), CFL does it and it is succesfull.

only catching the occasional race leaves something to be desired and looses it's appeal somewhat / somehow.

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I would pay $100 to $150 or maybe more. I would then expect coverage showing every racer with no attempt at making it a show. Just technical comments by someone who has been there.
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$35-$50 maybe
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Yes. I have PVR with my satelite service so I can program what I get now. I would like to beable to watch ALL the events.
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Yes , without a second thought.
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I would certainly pay for that. With ski technique evolving as fast as it has the most usefull information I get is when I can tape a WC event, gather my friends and a few beers and with the slo-mo and freeze frames and just really look at what they are doing. It beats the heck out of most any instruction you can buy.

I then pass the tapes on to our junior program.
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YES! I would pay. Bring it on.
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Maybe a "Ski Channel" i.e. Golf Channel. But only if it was in HD. $5/mo.
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No.... I like to watch but I woudn't pay extra beyond what I already pay to watch cable. Actually I enjoy skier cross, boarder cross and snowmobile cross the most lately. Head-to-head competition at the same time is fun to watch.
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Probably not. I just don't have enough time to watch TV or monopolize the TV when my kid wants to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. On rare times, when skiing is on for free, I try to catch some of it. If it were broadcast more often, maybe I'd catch 15-30 minutes now and then, catch as catch can, not worth spending money for.
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The Alpine World Cup almost disappeard from the Eurosport TV but as long as there are some good racers in Germany I hope to be getting all the races on German TV via (free) satellite.
Their coverage is very good employing ex-racers Christian Neureuther, Markus Wasmeier and Armin Bittner.
The Austrian coverage is more extensive but their TV is normally only terrestrial and not available over satellite.
If there was no German TV I probably would pay something to receive the Austrians - not only because of WC since German is my 90%? second language.
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I would...but since I live close enough to the Canadian border, most of the races are shown on CBC. OLN is also standard on our basic cable package.
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Isn't there a website that does this? Can't remember it right now...
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As a matter of fact I wouldn't even have cable if it weren't for the wife.
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Sure, but the racers would have to be chased by something.
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Originally Posted by boilerplate
Isn't there a website that does this? Can't remember it right now...
There used to be such a site, but the problems with the site brought it down. The two main issues:

1. The quality of the broadcasts was poor: little detail, many drop-outs in the stream.

2. It was nigh-on-impossible to record the feed for later playback. However, given the poor quality, there was little point in recording the streams for posterity.

Frankly, I'd want the broadcast to have an HD option; that way, the chances for analysis would be better, and the coverage could be more beneficial for coaches and instructors.
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Well I'd pay for web streaming, as it is nigh on impossible to see it on TV here!!! I didn't think the quality on Alpinerace.com was too bad.....

I hope those guys get their stuff together and get their website back up and running...

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I sent a request to DirecTv. This was their response
Thanks for writing. As you know, we make changes and additions to our programming line-up from time to time. Although we don't have any new information about niche sporting event subscriptions at this time, feel free to bookmark the News Releases section of our web site at DIRECTV.com/PR and check back from time to time for the latest announcements.

Oh well. Pipe dream.
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Maybe...but not $100-150. Love to watch but would rather buy lift tickets and ski.

Might pay a little more for a premium channel but that is not going to happen. OLN is covering less than ever and most of the other skiing/riding shown is skier cross, celebrity crap and generally not worth watching.

Hard to believe that such a big sport has so little media attention. But I guess that is true in Europe as well.

The romance and allure of sking that existed when I was young is no longer there for the public.
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I'm already paying $50/month for cable and I only care about bicycle and ski programs. I watch other stuff, Today show for example but I could listen to Morning Edition on NPR. If there was no skiing or cycling on cable, I would cancel. I could buy a couple DVDs each month with the money saved. $50 is already too much, I hope I wouldn't pay more but I might.

Winter Revolution is coming on tonight at 9 on OLN. I hope it's as good as Summer Sportszone. That was a cool show.
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yes $70
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I would gladly pay $150 for thorough world cup skiing coverage.

I have OLN but their coverage has a lot of holes in it and it leaves a lot to be desired.

Watching the Winter Revolution premier the other night pretty much confirmed my negative suspicions. It seems like OLN has to put in a lot of tidbits/side stories, only show certain parts of races, hype up a bunch of drama, and mention Bode Miller in every sentence in order to maximize the number of viewers. At least that was my first impression. I"ll be watching the show for the rest of the season and hopefully it can fill in some of the gaps in WC coverage we are looking for
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