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Do grinds tear your skis up?

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I just got some new rossignol scratch FS and I want to grind but I dont want to tear my skis apart in 5 days. Any opinions about whether or not I would rule my skis if I started grinding with them.
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Sorry, but I have to "jump" in on this question(no pun intended!). Most of the rails I have seen are either steel pipe, or flat channel pipe covered with plastic.

Ski bases and edges were NOT designed to slide on anything other than snow, even those skis specifically designed for rail sliding. Add to this the fact that most rail slides are done on the bias (with the ski sidewards to the direction of travel), and you can begin to imagine the damage that will be done to your bases. May as well take them out your first day, and wear them through the parking lot!

Maybe this is designed to encourage jibbers to buy skis more often, as I've seen some really chewed up gear come in off the hill/ out of the park. Blown edges, ripped bases, bent skis.
It would be pretty difficult to even imagine skiing on this wrecked gear, with any degree of control.

My suggestion- . Get on the For Sale section here, or ebay or where ever, and buy a pair of junkers you can go out and trash, with out feeling guilty for having ruined a perfectly good pair of skis!

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If you do it right any damage is minimal. As long as you keep your bases flat against the rail there should be no noticable damage. It is ouly when you try to 'edge' on the rail or if the rail is burred you take chips out of your edges.
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As a Father who has two boys that hang in the park and hit jumps and rails all day I can attest that yes, it is very hard on skis. And, I can tell you it is hard on bodies also. My Son Daryl who has been to High North Ski Camp in B.C. the past two Summers and has been a park rat for some time now, has gone through three pairs of skis and has broken his shoulder, and now has a compound fracture of both lower bones in his left leg. Most rails have burrs sticking up from jibbers who don't edge properly when they jump on. This does gouge up the bases and is very hard on the metal edges. Bottom line, expect some damage when hitting rails and expect some stress cracks from landing big air. Don't blame it on the ski manufacturer.
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