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Trail map

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The question might be stupid, but I've never been to huge ski resorts before.
Next week will be my first time to huge-sized ski resorts.
I'm wondering if they offer skiers a trail map.....?
or if trail map signboards are common there?
It seems easy to get lost in such a big mountain.
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Where are you going?

Every resort I went to has always had a pocket-sized trail map availible where you buy the lift tickets and often by the food service areas. They typically have a map board at the top of each lift too.

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Thanks for your answer. I'll go to Vail.
asked the question coz at my local ski area no maps are offered.
maybe it's due to its small size.
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Lots of maps at Vail

Pick one up when you get your pass. There are also maps at the top of most of the lifts and there are courtesy patrol people everywhere. Just ask for directions and they will be happy to help you out. The lifties are also very friendly but not the best people to ask when things are busy.

Enjoy your first trip to Vail, great mountain, great town. Love the place.

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No question is stupid, but they can be revealing. I can tell that you are going to be blown away by Vail. Prepare for the time of your life!
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A trail map at vail?

They hand you a map right after they shine your ski boots & give you a 20 minute neck massage.

Don't opt for the complimentary glass of wine at the top of the lift though, its better to drink plenty of water.
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You can look before you go at www.snow.com, click on the Vail logo. Trail maps are at every ticket window.

I am also going to PM you with a "Vail Day Guide" I wrote for madmike here at epic.
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tycoon, welcome to EpicSki!

There are a number of Vailies here on EpicSki, including both Bob Barnes/Colorado and VailSnoPro (Ric Reiter). May I stick my neck out a bit and suggest you PM one or both of them and see about a private lesson with them one day? There is so much that you could see and learn by doing so! Regardless, you'll find Vail tremendous, huge, and amazingly varied in comparison to anything you've skied in the midwest (I grew up skiing in lower Michigan, so I know of what I speak!).

Enjoy Vail. And ask any other questions you may have. EpicSki is a great community and full of all kinds of information!
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yeah, you pick up a trailmap very easily at vail. also get a grooming map. dont know how long you'll be there, but mid-vail is where the crowds are. if you keep heading out towards sundown bowl+northwoods or the other way towards game creek, you should stay out of the lines; especially out towards sundown bowl+northwoods .
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Originally Posted by pheft
No question is stupid
I wouldn't go that far.
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Questions are not stupid. They just indicate where the questioner is in their thought process and that they are interested in advancing their knowledge. Answers can be really stupid, however.
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Hey Tycoon:

Welcome to epicski! I have asked a lot of stupid questions and people have been incredibly helpful.

My suggestion is to see if the resort has a free mountain "tour." Many do. You'll go from lift to lift with a guide for an hour or two, and the guide will be able to advise you on the best terrain for someone of your ability. I've never actually taken one of these (have other people?), but these services are provided for exactly the kind of situation you are describing: someone is new to the resort and doesn't know how the heck to get around the mountain.

I second the idea of a private lesson if it's in your budget. I did that when I got out to Banff for the first time last year. (I actually found the instructor through this board, in fact, and he was FANTASTIC.) He showed me areas of the mountain that I'd overlooked, in addition to giving me great pointers.
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