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Jet Blue & Skis

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Does anyone know if Jet Blue charges to check skis in in addition to two other bags per person?

Also, if you're just booking a long weekend out west is it better to demo or take your skiis?

Thanks for your help!
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My son's friend just flew out here on jetblue this past week and I do not think he was charged extra for skis. If you are coming out here, bringing your skis depends on what you have and what conditions you expect.
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Check their website, I'm sure there is some reference on there about checking sports equipment or oversize gear.

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In my experience, a ski bag counts as 1 piece of luggage. If their limit is 2 checked bags, then you can check the ski bag and one other bag.

As was said, best bet is to check their baggage policies on the website.
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If you have 3 bags, including a ski bag, you'll need to carry on 1 to avoid paying.
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Wow, that sucks! Just flew united to seattle and back. They allow 2 bags and they don't count ski's toward it.
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I couldn't find any specific information on skis/boots, but the baggage page is here:

Otherwise, you can contact them directly:
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Drudging up an old post for sure but I have not seen a good answer. I just emailed Jet Blue so we'll see what they say.

Skis DO count as one piece of checked baggage. You are allowed two checked bags total which is fine by me. Their website says maximun length allowed without surcharge is 62 Linear inches (L + W + H). As you know ski bags are at least 180-200 inches long (70-80 Linear inches on the low side).

I bought the ticket based on how much cheaper it was compared to Continental. There is a $50 surcharge up to 80 Linear inches and anything over 80 Linear inches is not allowed.

Hopefully sports equipment is handled differently. Has anyone flown Jet Blue with a ski bag? Were they surcharged based on size? Weight needs to be under 70 lbs. so no issue there.


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my experience

these airlines want skiiers' business. they will take your skis regardless of weight. make a stink if they give you trouble, tell them you called ahead, etc.
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Originally Posted by gores95
Has anyone flown Jet Blue with a ski bag?
We have flown 2 trips this season Boston-Denver on Jet Blue. We checked 1 ski bag, 1 snowboard bag, and 1 suitcase. We carried on 2 bootbags and 1 backpack. No extra charges. I love Jet Blue! Very nice flights each trip.
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Had no trouble checking a 190 cm double ski bag that weighed a ton plus a full rolling suitcase NYC to SLC.
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So far, Jet Blue is the only US domestic that hasn't given me grief about my very modest-weight ski bag.
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Next time you check in with United have this handy...,6722,50773,00.html

They allow one ski bag AND one boot back to equal one suitcase. It's right there in their website but agents often freelance the rules.

Originally Posted by kev259
Wow, that sucks! Just flew united to seattle and back. They allow 2 bags and they don't count ski's toward it.
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Originally Posted by kev259
Wow, that sucks! Just flew united to seattle and back. They allow 2 bags and they don't count ski's toward it.
What the hell do you need three bags for?

Heck, I only bring the ski bag and the carry on. Personal item is my boots.
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I plan on bringing on a ski bag and rolling duffel bag to check and a Transpack boot bag as a carry on! I am relieved now about Jet Blue not surcharging me. I am curious what their email back to me will say. I will post it here when I get it.


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just remember: no one's doing you a favor. these guys need our business. They're all going broke.
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You were correct, Jet Blue responded this morning and all is good for accepting ski/smowboard bags with no additional surcharges. I will print this out and will bring it with me in case I encounter an overzealous ticket agent in JFK or SLC! Here is the email:

Re: email received Monday,02/13/06 7:23 AM, Speak Up 1258375

Dear Marc:

Thank you for your email.

Come on over, the snow is fine!! (Central Baggage is located in SLC at the Executive Terminal.)

We appreciate your business and the chance to provide you the JetBlue domestic baggage guidelines.

There is no additional charge for ski and snowboard equipment on domestic
flights; however, one item of equipment will count as one of your checked bags.

One item of ski equipment is considered:
One pair of skis or one snowboard, with one pair of snow boots and one pair of
ski poles.

The equipment must be checked in at the ticket counter.

All ski equipment must be in a sturdy container for protection since we do not
provide ski boxes.

JetBlue Checked Baggage Guidelines:

You may bring two checked bags per person free of charge. Additional bags are
accepted for a fee of $50 per bag.

Each checked bag, box or container is weight restricted to 70 pounds each. We
accept bags or containers weighing between 71-100 pounds. However, you will
be required to pay an oversize bag fee of $50 per bag. Any item over 100 pounds
will not be accepted.

We also have a size restriction on baggage. If your bag is over 62 inches in
overall length, width and height, but less than 80 inches, you will be required to
pay the oversized bag fee of $50 per bag. Any item over 80 inches will not be

If your bag is both oversized and overweight, a fee of $100 per bag will be

All baggage must be checked at the airport at least 30 minutes prior to flight
departure. If your bags are not checked in within that time frame, we cannot
guarantee your bags will be loaded on the aircraft. Baggage may not be
accepted for check in more than four hours prior to a flight's scheduled
departure time, and you may not check baggage on any flight that you do not
have a confirmed reservation. All checked baggage must accompany you on
the same flight.

All baggage must have an identification tag with your name, address, and phone
located on the outside of the container.

There are items which are under limited liability per the Contract of Carriage. We would advise
referencing the Contract of Carriage if you have any items which you are considering checking for
which JetBlue would not be liable for damage or loss given their status. Examples of these items
are electronics, fragile or perishable items, and valuables such as cash and jewelry. We recommend
that you always carry items such as these in your carry-on baggage or on you for their safest

If you have any questions about any item with which you are traveling, please phone us at
1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583), our reservation line, or 1-866-538-5438, our Central Baggage line. We
would welcome the chance to provide you packing information. You can find additional baggage
information, as well as our Contract of Carriage, on our website under Travel Info/How to JetBlue.

JetBlue Carry-On Guidelines:

You may bring one bag that fits in the overhead bin plus one personal item (purse,
briefcase, laptop, etc.) that fits under the seat in front of you, per customer.

If you have a medical assistance item, it will not count as a carry-on.

Your personal item must not exceed 18"l x 15"w x 8"h in order to fit under the
seat in front of you. To fit in the overhead bin, your item must not exceed
24"l x 16"w x 10"h.

Closets for hanging garment bags are not available on our aircraft.

As a reminder, random bag searches are required by the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA), and all items are subject to being hand searched.


Central Baggage Service
JetBlue Airways
Crewmember 20072
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Originally Posted by alkupe
just remember: no one's doing you a favor. these guys need our business. They're all going broke.
Probably the dumbest thing I've read in a while.

Hint: JetBlue posted its first quarterly loss...ever...recently. They won't be profitable this year, but then again neither will anyone else that isn't paying 35 bucks a barrel for oil. They are adding 100 planes or so this year and opening up new routes.

Meanwhile, I suppose you could drive....except that costs more than airline travel. You don't have a choice.
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What's stupid about what I wrote? my point is its a tough market to be an airline and skiiers are a segment of the market that everyone wants. No airline wants to be branded "skiier unfriendly". So don't let some guy at the ticket counter push you around and charge you for an extra bag. In my experience, if someone gives you trouble, go over his or her head. In the end, the airline wants your business and will let you check your skis and 2 bags.
Maybe you misunderstood what i wrote. what i meant was: don't let the airlines treat you like they're doing you a favor by "letting" you check 2 bags and skis. They need our business. Its no favor.
The alternative isn't to drive, its to take a different airline. And all the airlines know it.

ps this is not a diss of any airline, esp jetblue, which is my favorite. I'm just saying, you have some leverage, don't let those guys charge you extra.
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