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Waxing summary

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I have seen several threads about waxing your skis running around on the forums. I was wondering if anybody has a step-by-step 'summary' of what you do to hot-wax your skis. (i would like to hot wax after every few days of skiing with a wax relative to temp. Here in the east it seems to wear quick) I have been skiing for awhile, but I just started tuning last year, with a friends help. I know the basics about how like to not burn the bases, etc, etc...

I was also looking for a nice online supplier of things, and some edge-tuning gadgets. Oh, and what is the wax-wizard thing everybody is talking about?
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This post over on TGR (by a Bear) is an excellent overview of tuning, including waxing.
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I tune my edges and do base repairs first.

Then I hot scrape my skis by waxing them with a cheap warm wax like Toko bulk wax which is around $20 for 1000 grams.

You scrape the wax off while it is still warm and it pulls out the oil and dirt in your base.

I let them cool and then wax them with the same warm wax and let it cool so it penetrates the base before scraping and brushing.

Then I use a good all temp wax like Dominator Zoom, let it cool, and scrape and brush it.

Sometimes I do more or less steps depending on the ski's conditions and how much time I have.

I also use Dominator's Base Renew every once in a while before putting on the final wax.

The wax wizard is the equivalent of a cork but works much better. It is a good alternative when traveling or rubbing on some wax on the mountain. It is also good to use in between hot waxes.

Check our the link that SSH posted and do some searches on this board for more info and step by step instructions.
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Aha! Scalce; good idea to take the wizard on trips. Much better than iron. I like it for kids (read extruded bases) skis and boards.
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This is my thread on the same topic. make sure to check out dipsticks illutrated waxing-tuning guide it is a big help. also read everyones posts, and my questions are good Q's that a beginner might have.

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Here's a link to some waxing tips at www.tognar.com some are helpful, but some might be over most people's heads.


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Originally Posted by waxwhizard
You will find a lot of info on tuning at http://www.alpineskituning .com
You might want to fix that link as the .com got separated.


I have ordered replacement fabric from them and I received it very quickly.

Of course I live in Mass.
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Also - if you want another good step by step- go to my site and print it out. e-mail if there are any problems. www.lacyslatherworks.com and hit bob's ski page in the upper right corner.
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