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Jan 1 2005, The Perfect Day!

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Knee high to mid thigh cold smoke powder the real stuff, the stuff Utah is known for. The Clouds parted the Sun Came out and temps were in the 20's It was an " Epic Day"
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Have I told you lately that I hate you.

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You trying to "rain" on his parade?
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Here too...

It was 57 degrees with a light breeze. Since there was no snow, I went to the beach and took a few casts for some striped bass. Had two to 31 inches in one hour of fishing. Not bad from the beach on January 1st!
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Southern VT, 40 and sunny - only it rained on new years eve and froze overnight. conditions....BULLETPROOF
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Mmmm..... threw two bombs at the top and then did a "kiwi" ski cut for 2500 vertical feet in perfect early morning light. of course I had to take one more before the public got on the mountain, just to make sure it was safe. (wink)
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My best day on snow since season ending injury last January. Two hours skiing spring bumps before legs gave out, then 3 hours snowboarding spring bumps, usually could only see one or two others on the trail, empty chairs above (all of them sometimes). Not the cold smoke, more day at the beach, really fun! Best day of the year so far! Happy New Year!
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Originally Posted by Utah49
... It was an " Epic Day"...
Except that it was mobbed w/ people. I couldn't believe it. I got to the Payday lift 10 minutes before opening and couldn't believe what I saw. The maze was full! As usual, everyone was in such a rush to get up the mountain, they skiped over the lower mountain. I made three laps in untracked pow and called it quits by 9:45 AM, avoiding the tourist feeding frenzy altogether.

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I had an epic day on Friday in the mid atlantic. I took my 3 year old daughter. We skied from 11:30 to 3:30 and she didn't want to stop!!!!

But when it started raining on us, we decided to call it a day. I've never had so much fun making yo-yo laps on a 300 yard long beginner run.
The conditions were perfect for a 3 year old. No lines, warm with soft, moderately slow snow.

The ride home was great too. She slept the whole way
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It's been awfully good here in Jackson Hole as well. We had 40" of snow from Tuesday afternoon through yesterday morning, and the mountain is now completely open (except Corbet's).

Great skiing and a lot of people, most of whom will have left by tomorrow morning.

My epic day was Friday. Yesterday was good, but not quite on the same scale as Friday was.

Any reports from Colorado, New Mexico, or Montana?

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Powdr, You need to get a new Powder day strategy. The place was packed but I was skiing a couple of lifts that you could ski right to no lines at all. Let the Guest have Payday. It's always a zoo there. I was hitting the good stuff all morning. Most of my morning runs there were only a few tracks in before mine. Cadillac Country, Black Forest all had some great powder late into the day. They opened McConky about 10am and Jup about 11Am Both were a mob scene when they opened. was a a mad frenzy Still you could get some good lines. I was on the Mountain untill about 2:30 Pm and my legs were shot. Still on The way back I found some chopped up but still good snow The Good new in all this as if It hasn't been good news is that another front moves in tonight.
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Just got home tonight.

I was at Snowbird NYD at it really was a perfect day. The powder was light and plentiful. The crowds were much smaller than I feared.

It was also my first day ever at Snowbird. Only got one untracked run in. Got in a few more in broken powder before it all turned to bumps. But even that was fun until the end of the day. And this coming from an average skier at best who hasn't figured out bumps too well yet.

Managed to get a second round yesterday afternoon when a few areas that were closed the 1st and 2nd opened up in the afternoon.
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Alta rocked, but I've never seen it get tracked so fast.
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I made three laps in untracked pow and called it quits by 9:45 AM, avoiding the tourist feeding frenzy altogether.


'Heard that- I was on fifth chair or so at 8;30 and stayed out till 11:30. A little hiking kept the untracked thing going a bit longer. The problem with Bluebird powder days is that everyone can see everything. Love those whiteouts. But Utah 49 said it, it was a perfect crystal clear Utah champaign powder day, as good as it ever gets, 20" deep.... everyone had a blast and I know they opened McKonkeys Bowl a little after 10 (talk about a feeding frenzy) but I was busy elsewhere laying first tracks down a run that must be accessed through tight trees-which I will not name. When I hit the lift three minutes later and looked up it had ten tracks on it- which is all that fits. Say La Vie.
I had to bail for kid duty, but I'm sure Jupiter Bowl opened up by noon....Jup had been closed for days and there must have been three feet back there... wow- epic's the word.
Funny thing was this- after the 1st chair eager beavers got through the maze, the lines were pretty short- the hangover effect!

I was going to post something here but my wife, who volunteered to stay home when the babysitter didn't show, nearly killed me when I got home hysterically babbeling. I can't imagine how a snow starved ski junkie from Boston would feel.
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[Holding hands over ears] Not listening...NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH...Not listening [/Holding hands over ears]
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Gee Phil. There's another foot out here in the driveway... I'll take the Flexons out in your honor....
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Originally Posted by Sluff Vertigo
Alta rocked, but I've never seen it get tracked so fast.
Yeah, it went fast, but there really wasn't that much open. Pretty much just the frontside, greely, catherines and the 'Ho. The backside and Ballroom opened the next day, and while it was deep, it was pretty wind damaged too. It was tough skiing (as one could tell by the carnage...) I managed to stay upright (on my legend 8000's), but my buddy on the "big daddies" biffed a couple of times.

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Not that we have the hope to ski in Atlanta, but we will most likely set a record high today of around 74 degrees. Guess I'll have to put those summer sheets back on the bed.
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The Canyons was funtastic on NYD. Between 9:00 and 12:00 there were no crowds on Peak 5 Daybreak or 9990 lifts. Tree skiing was epic. Just about everything was knee high. Not a day for groomers. I just love the natural conditions of the Canyons. If you want groomers, go to Deer Valley. If competition and snowboarding is your thing, go the PCMR. However, if you like the trees, chutes and nature, go to the Canyons!!!
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The best tree skiing to be found in the PC area, is the trees between The Mayflower. Sultan lifts,or between Reward and Rattler off the Wasatch. The only people that go into theses areas are employees and locals. Also Upper Onterio Bowl keeps the freshies for a couple of days.
Ya Dv is groomers heaven, but if you know where to go, you can find the untrack, days after a storm.
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Tahoetr just becuseyou to moved doesn't mean you can give up all The secrets! I still love to ski deer valley with boot top on top of the runs that were groomed early the night before. By the way Lady Morgan says Hi.
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Powdr, You need to get a new Powder day strategy...
You missunderstood my post. It's not that I can't find powder after 10:00 AM, it's that I DONT want to. I may be tainted & jaded, but I find the whole feeding frenzy thing very hard to take. I would much rather call it quits with a few good runs under my belt than battle the hords or try to beat other locals to the few untracked spots left. That also is why I choose to spend more and more time in the Back Country. I can skin up just about any peak in the areas adjacent to PCMR, taking my time and not have to worry/care about some else cutting across my line. It is so much more a pleasant experience.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab
Gee Phil. There's another foot out here in the driveway... I'll take the Flexons out in your honor....
Now, thats just being mean.
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