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3 weeks...

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For Big Sky to shape up.

Why the heck do the storms just tease us? When's it gonna dump for real?

ETU had the lamest snow ever, Mid Atlantic gathering cancelled due to hi 50's and no snow.

I'll be prayin'! Join me.
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Big Sky got 14" out of the last storm with snow forecast today. There's a storm brewing to the west that looks like it might have some snow in it for Montana.
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Xdog. I'm with you. I keep checking every day! Joan keep us posted of the real conditions, will you?
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Absolutely! Here's a link to the immediate forecast: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_foreca...lon=-111.32263
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Oh BTW, we are enjoying the effects of an arctic air mass, not a usual state of affairs. Ordinarily, daytime temperatures are in the high teens and 20s.
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looks like we got onlya little dust overnight.... :-(
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