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Sad and disturbing...

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describes the state of the Northeast's snow conditions.

Someone must have pissed Ma Nature off something fierce.

Today I saw more Harleys and convertibles on the road than I typically did on an average day this past June. 57 degrees and sunny.

So I'm doing what any self respecting powder whore would, I'm headed to Kirkwood :

Can anyone point me to a link that tells you how to ski K-wood a day or 2 after the dump?

I'm bringing the new digicam, so stay tuned for pix.
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Can anyone even get near the place? Last night CNN said roads to the resort were closed (or, was that Tahoe?). The irony and cruelty!

The good news: by the time you get there, you'll be first in line for start of the lift.
Good on ya!
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Allright XDog1, patience with the weather has exceeded human skier capability, you have to do what you have to do. Look forward to the pics.
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