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Advice on New Skiis?

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I'm trying to pick out a new set of skiis, and I'm completely confused by all of the "new" choices out there. I'm a strong, agressive male skier in my early 40's. Most of my skiing is done in the East, where I ski lots of ice/hard pack. I like a ski that's capable of short, quick turns, and is stable at speed. I've skiied on 200 cm slalom skiis for the last 20 years, and currently I am skiing 201 cm Rossi 7S's. I'm considering either 186 cm Dynastar SpeedCarves or 184 cm Rossi Bandit X's. Any advice?
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Welcome, DBlue...
Well, before Oboe logs on, I would have to agree with what he's going to say:
If you are a fairly aggressive skier, you'd be better on the Bandit XX rather than the single X.

I might throw in Fischer on your list, not sure which model, just know their edge grip is phenomenal, and from what I'm told, ice is a feature in the East most years (but not this year by the looks of things)

Hope this helps,

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If you ski mostly hardpack, I'd go very short on a recreational slalom ski. I weigh 180 or 190, and I was on a 2001 Rossignol TPower Vipers at 167cm. I'm not sure what they are calling that ski now, maybe it's a TPower Viper S. It holds fine on ice, it's fast edge to edge and has enough rebound for me. It's also stable at high speeds, regardless of how short it is. The only bad thing is it's not real good in soft spring snow or off-piste.

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I weigh 175, 53 yrs old, 5'9" tall, advanced-to-expert ability, and I love my Salomon X-Scream Series in 179cm. The model ahs been around a few years with slight design tweaks each year. Half the ski patrol at Smuggs, where I am a volunteer patroller, has them. Rossi Bandit XX is the next most popular, percentage in use increasing each year
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