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Life after Harold

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I've done the Harald Harb thing, been to the camps and our Ski School Director bought into the whole Harald thing. Harald and Diana did their clinics and the alignment accessing and have thoughly researched and devised the PMTS manual (thanks to Diana, a nuclear physicist). From my perspective it's all been said and applied before. Don't get me wrong it serves a purpose and will benefit those who choose it.
There are alot of Mentors out there ie. Barnes, Smith, Lito, Brown, Emmery and many, many more who can turn on the light bulb and let you find the Joy just as well. It's like anything else, take what you need and leave the rest behind.
And so it is.
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Doesn't he spell his name "Harald"?

The title poses an interesting question: Without HH, what happens to PMTS?
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I stand corrected

Sorry Harald
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